Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am so tired of my friends

Please friends of mine, do not fear! It is not you whom I am targeting in my title line!! Please, simmer down and hear me out...

Let me state for the record that from the outset of this blogging venture, I had absolutely no intention of making this political. No intention to offend, alienate, enrage, or cause distress. But some things just cannot be left unsaid so read at your own risk.

After watching Tuesday night's presidential debate, I was struck by how... anticlimactic it was. No major fireworks, no jaw-dropping revelations, no real TKO's. Perhaps that is why I'm hanging on to the small stuff. For example, McCain's over use of 'my friends' was so, well, over used and by the 10th time it was as bad as nails on a chalkboard - or for Kevin maybe teeth scraping on forks. In addtion to that, it just felt like he was condescending to the masses, trying to appeal to the the thick-headed 'Joe Six Packs' and pitbulls and hockey moms nation-wide. I'm not any of those so maybe that's why it didn't appeal to me, huh? Who told him that phrase was a good idea!?! Can't his speech writers see an SNL skit coming from like a mile away by now?? Who dropped the ball on waving the big red flag or SCREAMING into his ear when he had reached his '100th use of the same phrase in one speech' limit!?!?

And please, don't get me started on 'that one'.


Mocha Dad said...

I wanted to bang my head on the wall every time he said "my friends." He was obvious pandering to the American public. I don't know if I can take much more of McCain and That One. Can't we just vote already?

Queen Kandis said...

How else will we know when to take our shot of tequila?

Schovillova said...

Too true Mocha Dad. I hope you've got your protective head gears or padded walls at least b/c we've got 3 more weeks of that head banging. Ugh.

Ally (Queen) - It's comments like yours that remind me why we're friends :-)