Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Rainbows

That's what I'm listening to. Radiohead's 'In Rainbows'. I'm taking a breather from politics tonight and staying away from the debates. Can you believe it?? Ok, ok, I confess - I'm recording it and I will probably watch it before I go to bed. But for now, it's just me, my wine, and Radiohead. And you guys.

Song 1: 15 Steps - It gets me movin. Swaying back and forth with a little extra hip jerk at each side. My head sways side to side, in time (I think) with the beat. Shoulders hunched slightly. To an outsider - or my neighbors - it might appear as if I'm having a seizure. No seizures folks, just me dancing. The crappy that was my day begins to fade. Song 2: Bodysnatchers - my head starts moving the other way in a back and forth crazy nodding fashion and the beat has doubled. Where do I get these sweet moves? By Nude I'm golden. Only 8 minutes to get me into the zone. Work? What work. This is more fun.

I was reacquainted recently with my childhood diaries - thanks Mom - and talk about a time warp. Not only had I forgotten about those little treasures but I'd never have guessed that I had so many! Yet as I picked up each one (there were 7 total spanning 1987 - 1994) I immediately remembered the feel, the look, the smell of them from so many moons ago. On September 4, 1987, my first entry read Today was an akward day... For you number crunchers out there I was 10. On October 24th Adventures in Babysitting was one of the most incredeble movies ever made and on December 6 I actually wrote 5th grade is the most confusing time of my life. Boy, if this is what the 80's is like, I don't think I want to be around for the 90's! I'll have to scan an image of that last one just so you believe me.

I can't tell you how many hours I have poured over those memories, reading about the adolescent dilemmas and teen angst anxieties that had gone forgotten for so long. I'm almost embarrassed to read the hundreds of pages that I devoted over 4 years at least to Nick Larsen, my first crush, who later turned out to be gay. From all the friend wars in grade school - girls can be vicious - to the notes to Alethea telling her to STOP READING MY DIARY YOU B****! Only I actually wrote out that last part. But she was reading my diary, she totally deserved it. It's been a fun and enlightening little trip back in time. Everything's in them. In 1988 I was distraught because Tina Gomez was 'unbelievable', trying to tell me that the INXS Kick record was way better - and cooler - than The Joshua Tree. As if! 20 years later I'm willing to bet my taste in music is still superior to hers.

I was disappointed to find that my entries didn't continue past Junior year, surely there are more books somewhere. What an incredible gift though, to be able to go back and read, in my own words and ever evolving hand writing, the world as I saw it. Uncensored and innocent. For the most part it makes for some hilarious reading, while there other parts that are brutally honest - almost painful. I'm thankful for all of it. Thankful to Mom for having the patience to store my sh*t for so long, and thankful to the young me for making the time to record those memories that have made for such insightful reading and reflection so many years later.

Song 9: Jigsaw Falling Into Place

What are you listening to?


Justin said...

You know what I listened to the other night and it just kind of poured over me and withstood the test of time. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. Sarah McLachlin. Classic.

Also, when I want to get really intimate or isolated, I listen to Bjork's Vespertine. It's a total 'winter' album and for compactness.

Justin said...

Ps: I had a diary when I was young, and it was a Star Trek the next generation diary. Yep - I know...

Schovillova said...

JT -

First - Fumbling never gets old, nor does Vespertine. Because you understand this - and constantly supply me with a kick ash supply of groovy new tunes - is why you're my MBFF.

Second - A trekkie diary. Why am I not surprised? Undoubtedly the origins of your Sci-Fi fantasies.

Morgan Leigh said...

MGMT. Crystal Castles. Hot Chip. new Kings of Leon. I like your blog friend. Please consult me if you'd like to get some new tunes... a friend just gave me this amazing media disk with lik 8 new albums on it :)

Anonymous said...'s brandy

here lately i've been listening to husky rescue, yeasayer, and a whole lot of leonard cohen. i also went to see gwynn & tony's new band, yuki. they were awesome and the ep they put out is great too! <3

Schovillova said...

Erin - I'll definitely take some Kings and whatever your new special man friend gave you! Thanks woman :-)

Brandy - I MISS YOU!!! Leonard Cohen, really? Wow. I just got turned onto Husky Rescue recently and I'm starting to dig it. Right now I've got Sigur Ros lulling me to sleep. Aaaahh... I need to come see you SOON!