Saturday, November 22, 2008

an inverted morning

At around 1 o'clock this morning I had the especially brilliant and ambitious idea of waking up early and hitting the 2-hour intensive yoga class. I had just finished commenting on my friend Eric's blog which posed the question 'what is it that keeps you coming to class?' I came across it as I was finishing my third glass of wine (that's right, at 1 am I was still drinking wine and I paid for it in spades half-way through my first head stand) and as I began to respond I realized the truth in what I was writing.

I go to class because I need it. My body needs it. My mind needs it for the sake of sanity. I admit freely that I suck at meditating. My mind just does not stop. There are times when I'm convinced that I've gone through life with ADD and someone forgot to tell me. So I focus on my breath. All the inhales which bring in energy and light, and the exhales which expel the anxiety and weight. It's an intense physical workout for the mind, body and soul. For 75 - 120 minutes (depending on the class) I can literally tune into the the breathing, the body, the music. I can shut the door and surrender any and all gadgets which keep me (too) connected and grounded to the outside world. And guess what, when I re-open that door, the world is still there.

I love headstands and I got to do them at three different points in class today - thank you Eric. When was the last time you viewed the world from one? Don't you remember waaaaaaay long ago when you were a free-spirited kid and the more things you could find to hang upside-down from,the better? We had no clue all the good we were doing for our young little bodies. Did you know that there is such thing as inversion therapy? Please hold my soap box sturdy while I climb on up: Inversions can be used to treat back pain as well as reverse other negative effects that gravity can have on your body. True story. Included in my 1 am wine-fueled epiphany was also a desire to try a new inversion pose – the scorpion. I saw it on the cover of the December issue of Yoga Journal and I thought 'wow, that looks cool.' In case you're wondering, that's it in the photo above, only the scorpion that I managed in class this morning paled in comparison, but at least it was a start. And it was cool and it felt damn good too.

Sadly, I don't get to class as often as I would like, but I feel that more lately I have given myself permission to say 'screw you guys, I'm going to yoga.' Call it selfish but often times it's more for the sake of survival than anything. You should try it sometime. It heals. It restores. It rejuvenates. I dare say it'll make you live longer too.

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