Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!

Won't you all be so relieved when Election 2008 is over and I can finally move on to more fun topics - like me for instance!

Well folks this is an exciting day. Altho it started a little early for my taste (5 am - oy), it was well worth it in order to exercise my democratic freedoms, and I must say I - am - excited. And hopeful. Hopeful being the key. On my way to exercise said freedom, I stopped by Starbucks for a little something to keep me upright - or at least conscious - while waiting in the much anticipated voting line. It wasn't until after I'd ordered my usual grande skinny vanilla latte (that would be non-fat and sugar-free - I'm a rebel like that) that I heard someone say something about free coffee for voters - WHA!?! Altho I was a bit miffed at having found out too late, I knew deep down that I needed that extra kick of espresso and the comfy aroma of vanilla. Ah well, a toast to you then corporate America! The one time in my life that I'll say it. Also while at Starbucks I was givin a top-secret strategic plan as to how to approach my voting precinct from the northeast side in order to avoid the worst of the voting traffic which was bottle-necked on the southwest. Yet another little nugget of info to take with me.

I arrived at my precinct full of hope with a little bounce in my step. I was armed with coffee, book (altho it was still too dark to read), and ipod of course. Disappointed that I hadn't prepared an inspirational mix especially for this day, I flew quickly threw my play lists and located 'Disco Mix C'. Song 1: Superstitious, Stevie Wonder. Yes. This is it. The beat gets me movin and I'm getting even more excited. I barely notice the line of 50 people in front of me or the fact that altho my shoes were fashionable AND functional, they were not perhaps practical at 6 am when the temperature is hovering at 40. Pas ne problem. My swift little dance steps will keep my toes warm. I love applying soundtracks to life. I often regret that no one else can hear them. Note to self: Next election, bring portable speakers.

A woman appeared at the back of the line and her arms were waving and she was turning in small little half circles with her eyes towards the heavens. Have the evangelicals arrived? No, just a woman upset because it was her third precinct to have to wait in line in. Note #2 to self: always check precinct numbers before voting - just in case. People were laughing and talking and making friends and sharing stories. I unplugged from time to time to join in and wax poetic with my new friends. I moved on to BeeGees – ‘You Should Be Dancing’ and the hits just kept on comin.

I made it up to the little old man who is handing me my ballot and he tells me at a deafening decibel how happy he is to see ‘so many young folk turn out for this blessed event’. That’s right readers, I’m still a ‘young folk’. I’m telling the absolute truth when I tell you that the song that started as I approached my booth was in fact James Brown – ‘I Feel Good’. I took a long hard look at my ballot. Took in every name, every category and eeeerrrrrkkk! That was the sound of my brain tires coming to a screeching halt. Circuit Court Judges – choose no more than 16. DAMMIT! The shame began to creep in. I gave myself a ‘C’ on my voting homework.

So I admit it, I didn’t fill out the entire ballot like a good citizen but I did double-check to make sure that my other votes would still count even if I didn’t fill out every category. Am I a bad person? Sigh. I suppose I could have avoided the stress all together by voting straight party ticket, but I didn’t because 1, I vote as a liberal, not necessarily Democrat – NO JUDGING – and 2, I really like to fill in the little circles. And I did, to the best of my ability, while ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ sang in my ears.

I am inspired. And I have hope. Isn't that what this day is supposed to be about?


Justin said...

Next time I totally need to I-pod it, but when it takes 5 minutes, my selection better be spot on...

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