Saturday, November 29, 2008

Keepin it Real for the Holidays

Just when we thought we'd be feasting on a 10lb. tofurkey all by our lonesome, yours truly was granted last minute reprieve from the museum for Thanksgiving. The obvious destination for our 4 day leave - Wisconsin with Eric and Mandi. Lots of beer. And cheese. And beer. And cheese.
Look! Brothers bonding over beer! And cheese!
Grandma Schoville went all out for Thanksgiving breakfast. It looks like she covered Magnus's favorite food group for sure - dessert!

Then we went on to Uncle Gene and Aunt Marilyn's in the Kickapoo Valley. One of my favorite places to spend Thanksgiving. I think it was our 3rd - maybe 4th - Thanksgiving with them. They're just that awesome.

Tons of yummy food, football and Euker.

Not pictured was the apres-pie dear skinning in the garage. I hadn't seen one of those in probably 20 years and for some reason I was morbidly fascinated. Steve and Greg may have been a little disturbed by my questions and close proximity and then Kev gave me the stink-eye when I reached for my camera. Ah well. You are thus spared.

Below is a photo of our Saturday morning Lego fest. Magnus has more energy than the sun and has 1 speed - 'run'. Unless Legos are involved. I'm always amazed by how little guys can get into the Lego zone and stay for hours.

I'm being 100% truthful when I say that one of the things we love best about spending extensive amounts of time with Eric, Mandi, Magnus & Axel, is the fact that we are privy to all the ins and outs and daily grinds of child-rearing. Our moms might fear that it's something close to over exposure, but seriously, we always learn so much. We're spoiled here in Indy b/c usually by the time we make it over to a friend's house, the little people are always tucked away in bed, or all fed, hair combed, faces sparkling, halos adjusted just so. The houses are so neat and orderly... It's like they're trying to keep it all a secret.

With Eric & Mandi we hear the early morning wake-ups, see the round the clock feedings, smell the poop - and lots of it - and even feel the tension that a wailing baby for a 2 hour car ride can muster. The 2 hour cry fest really was quite unholy, but as soon as little Axel was freed from the confines of his car seat, he couldn't have been happier. And the crazy thing was that Magnus slept like rock the whole way. Sugar coma. We also got to see that going anywhere is a production of mass proportions but it is possible. You can still be social and take the kids with you when you give a tour of State Street, or have fried cheese curds and beer in one pub and then fried fish - and more beer (in moderation of course) - in another. 'Have kids will travel'. They don't make it look easy, they just make it look possible. And I swear I mean that as a compliment.

With all the crazy, we also get to bare witness to the so many special moments that make all the crazy and the chaos absolutely worth it. And at the end of the day, when the boys are in bed, Eric and Mandi are still up for a grueling game of Settlers of Catan. And beer.

So thanks again Eric and Mandi, for keeping it real. We had a great time as always and can't wait til the next visit!
Love you guys!

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