Saturday, November 29, 2008

This is why...

One great thing about mid-west driving is the occurrence of some fierce sunsets should you be so lucky to catch them.
We were able to enjoy one for the first three hours of our journey up to Madison on Wednesday. Here are some excerpts from our drive that made me appreciate my husband all the more:

Me: Hey, it looks like some one finger-painted through the sunset!
Kev: Oh yeah, it does! (pointing in the right direction).
Me: (in my head) Wow, he totally sees it.

Me: Cool - hummingbirds!
Kev: Oh yeah, you can see the wings, the beak...
Me: Wow, he totally sees it again!

Me: Hey, look! It's John Lennon!
Kev: Oh yeah, like from the cover of that one album.
Me: The 'Imagine' album and I can't believe he's still on my same page - this is why we're married!!

Me: Look - a roadrunner!
Kev: Huh?
Me: Ah well, 3 outta 4 ain't bad. sigh...


Rob said...

I was lost after the hummingbirds, but I did appreciate the beauty of the sunsets :-)

Anonymous said...

Is this a test? Let's just go with Kevin loves your kind of crazy and that's why you married him.

So...I want a cool blog commentator name...little help?


Schovillova said...

Yes Crit, Kev's definitely got my crazy. Sometimes I play the cloud formation game just to make sure.

Let me think on the name... Could be The Bloggerator - blog commentator/moderator extraordinaire!

OK, ok, I'll think on it.

Anonymous said...

Dude. I totally saw the roadrunner immediately. This is your sister.