Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Day at Wrigley - Priceless.

So there we were, one sunny June afternoon at Wrigley, Cubs - v - Brewers, 9 rows behind home plate. That in itself was a whole lot of awesome.

At the end of the game we turned to leave and who should be right behind us but Illinois's favorite governor - Milrod Blagojevich. With several Wrigley-sized beers in my belly I was feeling especially bold and asked his very large secret service man if we could take a picture with him. The very large secret service man hesitated at first, but all it took was a way too lingering - and thus uncomfortable for us - gaze at Jamaica's cleavage and Shady Rod quickly agreed.

Perhaps I'll hang this photo next to my personalized autographed menu by my former baseball hero Raphael Palmeiro (pre-scandal).

Does anyoneelse see a pattern here?

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Queen Kandis said...

Good Lord Sally, what were you thinking? I wouldn't buy a used car from that man.
Do you have snapshots with Pete Rose too? OJ?