Monday, December 1, 2008

December 2

Happy Birthday Sister!

*** UPDATE 12/3/08 ***

I just remembered this one story about my sister. I actually used to call her 'Sister'. For years. I think I thought that was her name. When I was really little tho it was more like 'Thither.' So that's how it was until the fall of 1986. I remember the time roughly because I was in the fourth grade and it was my first year at St. Thomas Aquinas. It was soccer season and the leaves were orange so I'm led to be believe that it was definitely fall. And it was definitely my first year at STA because it was also my first year to be taught by nuns. Nuns.

So that one fall afternoon we were left waiting for the day's carpool mom to pick us up (late). I was sitting on some steps with a friend (who at the moment has a fuzzy face) and Alethea (Sister) had just said something utterly snotty to me. As she walked off I can still see her tossing her triangular frizzy 80's bob haircut over her shoulder, and throwing her head back to laugh, eyes squinting in a Chinese-like fashion behind red-rimmed coke bottle glasses.

At that same time, Sister Bernadette and Sister Adrea were walking down the steps past me towards the convent. I yelled 'Sister, stop!' But Sister kept walking. Laughing and walking. And pounding my fist and even louder this time, I yelled 'Dammit, Sister - stop!' And she still didn't stop. But they did. Sister Bernadette and Sister Adrea stopped dead in their tracks. And turned slowly. Mouths slack. Eyes wide. Really, really wide.

Needless to say she was 'Alethea' from that day forth.

The End.

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I love this story.