Thursday, December 4, 2008

Proposition 8 The Musical

And if you haven't read it, Leviticus 18 makes for some pretty interesting reading. It's part of the holiness code that God gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Actually, the entirety of Leviticus makes for interesting reading. And in 11:9-12 you can read where God really does hate shrimp.

What do you think of the video?


Eric said...

MAAANNNN...that sounds like it forbids lobster too! I'm bummed (not to mention abominated...uh, yeah...).

BTW, Leviticus even SOUNDS like it was written by lawyers. And it spends far too much time outlining who we shouldn't have intercourse with.

Rob said...

I think crabs are out of the question, too. That's going to hurt.

Nicole, the video was great. Thanks for sharing.

Why the hell did God(s) create sea creatures without scales if He/She/It/They was (were) going to condemn them? Alas, who are we to question the Lord? He is infallible.

Rob said...

I've taken the liberty of "dialectizing" Leviticus 11:9-12 into Jive, should anyone be interested.

"Dese shall ye feed da bud of all dat is in de boozes, dig dis: whutsoeva' had fins and scales in de boozes, in de seas, and in de rivers, dem shall ye eat. Man! And all dat gots not fins and scales in de seas, and in de rivers, uh all dat move in de boozes, and uh any livin' doodad which be in de boozes, dey shall be an abominashun unto ya': Dey shall be even an abominashun unto ya'; ye shall not feed da bud of deir flesh, but ye shall gots deir carcases in abominashun. Whutsoeva' had no fins no' scales in de boozes, dat shall be an abominashun unto ya'."

Critter said...

Love what you brought to show and tell today! You know I'm a sucker for a musical.

I've got one for you to look into. All the way from the belt buckle of the bible belt....Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar (elected by rumored liberal bastion Austin) wants to teach Creationism next year. She sits on the committee that reviews text books and wants to buy all new ones (even though we have huge deficits and fired core teachers this year). Check it out on Dallas Observer's Blog "Unfair Park".

God Bless America...where even an idiotic nutball can get elected to office.

Queen Kandis said...

Cynthia Dunbar is the same person who said Obama is plotting with terrorists to attack the US.

And on the Leviticus note, the Newsweek story on Gay Marriage says it best: Twice Leviticus refers to sex between men as "an abomination" (King James version), but these are throwaway lines in a peculiar text given over to codes for living in the ancient Jewish world, a text that devotes verse after verse to treatments for leprosy, cleanliness rituals for menstruating women and the correct way to sacrifice a goat—or a lamb or a turtle dove. Most of us no longer heed Leviticus on haircuts or blood sacrifices; our modern understanding of the world has surpassed its prescriptions. Why would we regard its condemnation of homosexuality with more seriousness than we regard its advice, which is far lengthier, on the best price to pay for a slave?