Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost - S5:1 & 2 - Rewind

Because You Left & The Lie: B+?

Déjà vu – Wednesday night, Season 5 of Lost opened with a fantastical scene that took us straight back to the S2 opener. Faceless man gets out of bed, turns on record player, fiddling around in kitchen… But this time it’s a baby bottle on the stove and it’s not our beloved Desmond, but the one and only Marvin Candle! Who knew he had such paternal tendencies!? He also apparently is not much of a morning person. At any rate, I was hooked straight away..

What we(I) learned:

  1. It doesn’t take much to get Kate running again and the forces that be that want her back on the island know that too.
  2. Daniel was on the island in the 70's - cool.
  3. Ben is an interventionist much to Jack’s dismay. I found myself grinning like a Cheshire cat when Ben’s response to Jack’s inquiry about his pills was simply stated ‘I flushed them, Jack’. But one has to wonder about Ben's sincerity when he says that they'll never know what happened to those left behind. A truly puzzling statement.
  4. Hurley hearts shih-tzus. And he sees dead people and they give him really good advice which he repeatedly ignores. I loved that Anna Lucia manifested herself to pull a reckless Hurley over and lecture him on not getting pulled over. And 'Libby says hi' - tug! Even after that tho, our shih-tzu loving friend goes and gets himself arrested - like 'please sir, here I am, take me to jail please please please' - by the end of the episode.
  5. Poor shirtless Sawyer ‘Lost everyone he loved’ on the helicopter – one of the saddest lines of the night folks, seriously.
  6. Daniel’s mom is none other than the silver-haired Mrs. Hawking! Or did you already know that? Regardless, it was an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me.
  7. Charlotte is not long for this world and the closer she gets to death, the nicer she becomes, delving out the hugs to our favorite geeky scientist. Did she really tell Daniel not to 'dilly-dally?' Is this one of those things where the writers try to make a character likable before offing them? Nose-bleeds, headaches, amnesia... The girl is toast.
  8. The Left-behind Losties are skipping through time like a record. Wow. There, they've said it. Cat's outta the bag. Damon and Carlton are really going there, saying it loud, saying it proud. I love the idea and the illusion to the record but I get motion sick at the drop of a dime - getting old sucks - and if they continue their skipping and crazy time traveling like this, welp, it's not gonna be pretty. And apparently Charlotte's going to kick it if she doesn't find her constant soon.
  9. Sun doesn't blame Kate - or Jack for that matter - for Jin's death. She blames Ben. Really? I remember Kate was the one that told Sun to go back to the chopper with Aaron and and she would go get Jin. I remember Jack saying 'Keep going!' as Jin waved his arms frantically on the deck of the wired freighter while the chopper was taking off. And I totally remeber that 'you're-gonna-effing-pay' glare that she gave Jack after it hit her that Jin was indeed gone. One has to consider her motives for saying this to Widmore. Hmmm.
  10. Alpert is a time-traveling junkie! So it wasn't some suped-up Dharma anti-aging cream that had this island protector looking so lovely and wrinkle-free whether it be the 1950's with young a Locke and Ben or present day. This kid was not only skipping through time but he was skipping through places. I'm still anxious to see how they really do get to come and go from the island.
  11. Alpert also gave Locke a compass - was it the compass?
  12. So Desmond is special but WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?! According to Daniel you can't change or interfere with the past, fine. But then why does he bring past-Desmond out of the hatch and give him that list of 'to-do's', while remembering to exclaim 'YOU'RE SPECIAL DESMOND!'
  13. Hurley's dad (aka Cheech Marin) is a fan of Expose.
  14. Hurley's mom is awesome and hot-pockets can be used as weapons.
  15. Present-day dead Locke is being slugged around town in a 'weekend-at-Bernie's' kinda way. And now he's going in a meat locker. Interesting.
All in all I give this episode a B+. Am I being too optimistic? It was balsey and funny even with more questions answered than I had thought going into it - SPOILER-FREE I might add. But there were some cheese moments that could not be ignored like Hurley's gun wielding photo-op and Marvin's lame explanation for the 'energy harnessing time machine' at the beginning. Ah well, not a bad start to the season, let's hope the momentum keeps up, eh?

And to those of you who don't watch this show or have fallen off the wagon, then this recap must sound insane to you and may validate your reasons for not watching. But to those of you who do watch, well, I hope you enjoyed reading, for what it was worth. I know I missed a lot but who has the time to type and read all of it? Til next week...


EricSchoville said...

After watching the season opener, Mandi and I decided to stop watching Lost. It is the same thing we've been watching for years, and the time traveling stuff was just boring. First we have to get off the island, now we have to get back on. If Lost were a book, people would put it down before long, because it would never go anywhere. Like a Russian novel, it is all great scenery, but the plot is just so so.

Queen Kandis said...

"Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?"

Rob fell asleep halfway through, so this recap should help. The MSN one was two pages and the Entertainment Weekly one was SIX pages. If Rob had that kind of patience, he would have made it through the episode.

I stumbled upon a great spoiler about Richard Alpert. (Damon and Carlton talk too much.) Let me know if you want to hear it.

Justin said...

I feel that they've started down the 'we need to start answering questions versus making new ones' path.

The time travel is a bitter pill to swallow for people who thought this wasn't a sci-fi kind of show. I don't know how I feel about it still.

And lest we forget, what's the deal with Jacob?

I have a feeling Penny's going to die.

Then again I also get the sense that whatever happens truly will destroy the earth. I'm also wondering if they're supposed to be in Shangri-las or something metaphorical.

etc, etc, etc. regardless, i loved it.

And i learned that Sun is apparently the Korean Julia Roberts. Which makes me like her more.

I've also come to realize that we'll see everyone again before this show ends.

Schovillova said...

Eric - I love the Russian literature analogy. Funny thing is, I love Russian literature - especially the plots. Anna Karenina is one of my top 10, no joke. Sigh. And like a Russian book that must sometimes be read twice with loving care and patience for the details, Lost must also be handled in the same way. I never put a book away unfinished. Except 'Marley & Me' and that's because it was just bad.

Queen - It delights me to know end that you are still (kind of) watching this show. PS - we're spoiler-free here but not at my email. I heart Richard Alpert.

JT - my faithful friend, excellent analysis. You're spot on about the answering of questions, they have to in order to maintain whatever audience they can til it ends in 2 seasons. We're on the downhill side of the mountain. And I'm guessing that the non-sci fi fans probably stopped watching as soon as the smoke monster gained a personality. The time travel element is just the icing on the cake. I said they were balsy... And lastly, good point about Penny and yes, me also thinks we will be seeing some more of our dead faves in the episodes to come - yee-haw, Charlie lives!

Mandi, wherever you are, I don't require much sleep, hence the extra time.

And Jess, Sorry I forgot about Frogurt. I'm glad he's gone and by flaming arrow no less!

Always the optimist, I continue to route for this show - or end of the book - til the bitter end.

Rob said...

Thank you for the recap. As my lovely wife said, I did fall asleep, but didn't realize how much I missed. I'm with you on the "hot pockets as weapons" thing, though. Two hours was more than I could handle, though. We'll see how the regular one hour episodes go, but so far, I'm less intrigued than I was in previous seasons.

Justin said...

Also - was it me or does Marvin Candle actually get called "dr. chang" when they interrupt the scene. i wasn't sure, but I thought "does he have an alias for these films...?"