Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost - S5:3 Rewind

Jughead: A-

My how time flies when you're confined to the couch! Can't believe we've already seen the third installment of Lost season 5. This is me trying to forget that we have only (technically) 29 episodes left of the whole series - sad. Anyways, I digress, let's get to pickin apart the jaw-dropping fun that was last night...

Here's what we (I) learned:
1. Giving birth hurts - a lot. Did you see the size of those forceps?! Poor, poor Penny. Also, baby Charlie (tug on the ol' heart strings when Des said that!) was apparently born in the Phillipines - did anyone else get a glimpse of the 'Mabuyah' (welcome) banner with the Philippino flag when Des was running back to Penny and is this significant??

2. Um, Damon? Carlton? Your special effects people called - They're back from strike and ready to work again so you can stop rigging your own explosive scenes. I seriously rewound that like 5 times and laughed my ash off each time. This is season 5, you're better than that!

3. If you're an 'other' then you speak Latin and you are 'enlightened'. Duh.

4. Meet 'Jughead', the resident H-Bomb. So not only does US military know about the island, but they bring their bombs along to experiment. Daniel kept yelling 'Bury it! Bury it!' to little Ellie - Could this have been what was buried under the Swan station way back when? Chew on that...

5. When are they folks? Welp, they're 1954, 2 years before Locke is born - but not, b/c he's like there and 50. Also, Richard Alpert is still lovely and wrinkle-free, even in 1954 and he is apparently clueless as to who the hell Locke is and thus may not even be aware of the island's 'trippin' qualities. But know this: The reason why Alpert shows up at the hospital on the day of Locke's birth is indeed because Locke told him the when and where 2 years before. Interesting.

6. If you're a doctor then you must be the leader through any jungle trek. So, Jack escapes the island crazy and a new doctor has taken his place.

7. Daniel hearts - like really hearts - Charlotte. Or does he? Is this his attempt to save her? To become her constant perhaps? She's fading fast - literally. Is this what happened to Theresa - by the way, who the hell is Theresa and what is her connection with Widmore? Why is Widmore paying for her vegetative life style and why is he funding Daniel's adventures?

8. Ellie = Eleanor = 'other' in Latin. I'm just sayin. And what up with Daniel's comment "you remind me of someone I know." 2 kinda theories: a) Does she resemble Veggie Theresa? or b) She kinda looks like Charlotte. Could she be Charlotte's mom? We always thought Charlotte had been to the island before. Hmmm...

9. Miles is quickly replacing Sawyer as the island wise-ass and I love it.

10. Charles Widmore was an Other ya'll! And he was a little punk! And Locke almost shot him in the back but didn't b/c Locke apparently considers himself an 'other'. WHAT!?!?

Another exciting week folks. Not as many reveals as last week and we're left with a hell of a lot more questions. Best moment: The Charlie name-sake. So much awesome in that one little name.

Did I miss anything?
See ya next week for 'The Little Prince'.


Justin said...

I have yet to watch this week's episode, but I'm wondering how you get the pictures from the episode? Is it because you go on to your crazy fan site and get them or your forums?

Queen Kandis said...

Okay, Locke considers himself an Other because he told Richard at the end of last season that Jacob had told him to lead them. Right?

Interesting speculating on Ellie. I saw other speculation online that maybe she's Daniel's mother (according to the Internets, Mrs. Hawking's first name is Eloise), and Widmore could be his father. But if she's mother to either one of those kooky scientists, the math is wonky, since they're both in their 20's and 'Jughead' takes place in 1954. But I guess a time-traveling island could solve that...

P.S. I love Miles best. (Well, after Desmond anyway.)

Schovillova said...

JT - You did NOT read this recap before watching. Shame on you. PS - a clip artist never reveals her sources.

Kand-ice - Yes, you're right about John as the leader of the Others. And interesting too about Ellie = Eloise. I like the idea of her being the young Mrs. Hawking but you're right, the math is all wonky. I love that word wonky. I miss so much by staying away from the forums. Hmm. I thought it would be cool if Widmore and Hawking ended up being the parents of Daniel and Penny but again with the math. Hawking could have had them in her late 30's? That's possible, right? How do we know CS Lewis and faraday are in their 20's?

Miles is growing on me.

Queen Kandis said...

I estimated their ages by looking. According to IMdb, the actress who plays Charlotte is 29, but shockingly, the actor who plays Daniel is 39. I never would have guessed.
It's true Hawking and Widmore could still be either one of their parents, but would they have been on Craphole Island (I miss Shannon) in the '70's? And if so, wouldn't that have been around the time of the purge?
Sigh. My head hurts again.

Kristin said...

1. do you think richard is traveling in time too... maybe... possibly? 2. didnt widmore or someone call daniel's mom his daughter? it's quite possible i am making that up... 3. could ellie be so connected to charlotte that it might be causing her health issues?

Firelance said...

1. Mahal ako Pilipinas (love the RP) which about gave me an A+ except that the scene was so short.
2. Don't ever let anyone tell you forceps are necessary.
3. Didn't read all of this post, but do you think the 'other' girl is Charlotte's mom?

Schovillova said...

The more I think about it, the more I tend to lean towards the Eloise Hawking = Ellie = Daniel's mom idea. Plus, Daniel's lab rat was also Eloise. But those two things almost make it too obvious. Hence, I reserve the right save the Charlotte - Ellie theory for a rainy day. That was my first instinct too.

And is ageless Alpert skipping through time like everyone else?? I DON'T KNOW BUT MY HEADS HURTS!!

On another note, this week's previews show Sawyer saying that he saw Kate in the jungle. What if our time tripping losties end up being the whispers heard throughout the previous seasons?

Oh, that noise? That was my head exploding.

PS - I'm hoping that forceps are outlawed in this country and thus will not even be an option when the time comes.

Justin said...

finally just watched last week's episode.

all i can say is mindfuck.

and i can tell if they are others or if they are dharma peeps and here's my other question - how the fuck old is Juliette? She's got to be just like Richard.

Schovillova said...

JT - um, what? Juliette is normal like the Losties. See S3:7 - 'Not in Portland'.