Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Week in Review

This week U2 released their first single off their up-coming album 'New Line on the Horizon'. The first track 'Get on Your Boots' opened to mixed reviews, including my own. It started to grow on me the more I listened to it, but it did concern me that I wasn't jumping up in down like the fan that I am in my heart of hearts. Here and now I will say that the last good album they had was 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' and the last great one they had was 'Achtung Baby'. I struggled with 'How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb' and I fear that 'New Line' may be the same challenge. Yet, as they continue to reinvent themselves, I will continue to buy and listen and hope for the best. Bono's vocal stylings and lyrics remain unmatched and unrelenting as he gets ready to release his 14th album spanning 3 decades.

Monday we remembered the 41st anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin King Jr. A dreamer, a leader, an activist. He was a peaceful warrior for economic and racial equality who dared to dream and make others believe. He instilled hope in individuals from all races and backgrounds, young and old and still does so today. It's wise to remember that he wasn't born a hero or born into a privileged life that paved the way for him to be one. He fought hard and won much in the short time that he was on this earth and I love that we still celebrate his legacy today.

Out with the old, in with the new... In case you were under a rock or on another planet this week, WE GOT A NEW PRESIDENT!!!! 2 million turned out for the inaugural address on The Mall in DC while 38 million others tuned in. Even at work they showed it on the big screen so staff members and even some school groups were able to view history in the making. The symbolism of it all, the camera shots from all over the world, had me covered in goose bumps, teary-eyed and goofy-grinned. The kids in our audience seemed equally inspired and caught up in the fervor. But while I'm all awash in hope, inspiration and feel-goodedness, I have to admit that I'm scared as hell too. I'm scared for the daunting task that is set before Obama. I'm scared that people won't have the patience to let him try and fix what's been done while at the same time I'm scared that he may try and fix some things too quickly. I'm scared for the economy, health care, security... But really ya'll, I'm a laid-back person. Can you imagine everything I was scaredabout when Buch was pres? Now at least I have hope.

January 22nd marked the 46th anniversary of Roe-v-Wade. I think that out of all the issues, this one remains one of the most polarizing for a lot folks. This topic made for some excellent lessons in my TEFL classes in Prague, building vocabulary and creating intense dialogue. There I felt ok throwing it out on the table and stirring the pot, often playing devil's advocate , yet here in the comfort of my own country and blog-o-sphere I remain censored (thank you JT who remains refreshingly uncensored at all times). Why do I do that? For many it's a black and white issue, but for me, there are so many shades of gray. Have I set myself and women back light-years for saying that? Also on Thursday Obama overturned The Mexico City Policy, adding fuel to the fire of the pro-lifers. This is something that I didn't even know existed until grumbles started a few weeks ago about the possibility of a reversal. Again, shades of gray for me. Damn those slippery slopes.

And Lastly for the week, OM MY GOSH YA'LL, LOOK WHO'S SHOPPING AN 11 MILLION DOLLAR BOOK DEAL!!?? It's been 2 months since I last said the 'P' word on this site and I'm still not gonna, but come on, really? Would you buy it? Is she really 11 million dollars worth of interesting?

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