Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Last night Kevin impressed me yet again with a Friday night date idea - the Lawrence North-v-Carmel basketball game. I'm that easy. That's right, me and Mr. Schoville sported our LN red and chowed on gymnasium nachos as the Wildcats beat the Greyhounds in a 69-58 victory. The energy inside the gym was palpable as the game opened to 'Sandstorm' by Darude and the LN students amassed in a crowd of about 200 red-clad bodies in the stands. They seemed to all move and chant in tandem, it was almost tribal. They were also well choreographed, unyielding, and rendered the cheerleaders practically useless.

I'm bummed I didn't have my camera but photos wouldn't have done the experience any justice. The players looked more like NBA and it was hard to believe they were only teenagers. Kevin was amused by my awe but really, my high school just didn't roll that way.

So to all you doubters out there, the mid-west takes their basketball way seriously.

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Rob said...

What a great date idea! Sounds like you all had fun.

Think he can take me out on a date next Friday?