Friday, February 27, 2009

Lost S5: 7 - Rewind

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham B+
I. Loved. This. Episode. If Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn don't get Emmy nods for this then I am quitting the show forever! Ok, maybe not forever, but I'll be really really pissed. In this episode we really did see Jeremy Bentham come to life via Charles Widmore, and then witnessed his grueling death at the hands of one effed-up Benjamin Linus no less. Once again, I did not see that coming. In my own little spoiler free world I already had settled on the fact that J. Bentham had offed himself in that sad little apartment, sacrificing himself for 'the greater good'. Boy was I wrong.

Here's what we (I) learned:

1. Tunisia is the 'island exit'. Remember, that's where we saw Ben land last season. That's where the remains of the Dharma-tagged polar bear were uncovered. That's where Widmore was ready and waiting for the next island deposit.

2. Flight 316 landed/crashed on the island. Dear writers, please don't try to get us interested in any of the lives of any of the 316-ers. We have not the patience for that. That being said, what are Ilana and Caesar up to?! Both seemed awfully familiar with the Hydra Station. Oh, wait, I don't care what they're up to. PS - The plane landed in one piece, making it look like it came in for somewhat of a smooth landing. Maybe like a runway landing - like the runway that our long-lost 'Others' were working on.

3. 316 did not land/crash on the island. If memory serves, the runway was on the smaller island. On Hydra Island. Not the island of our beloved Losties. Was it Sun who fled by canoe with Pilot Lapidus? She would have been able to recognize the fact that they weren't on the Lostie's island. And hey, look! Canoes! We've seen these before, when they were found by the time tripping gang at the 815-er's dilapidated camp site with 'Ajira' water bottles in them!' Hellloooo Frank and Sun! Had they just missed them?! Aack!

4. They did disappear from the plane!! In the words of Caesar, There was a really bright light, and the big man across the aisle was gone.

5. You can't keep a good man dead. Locke was 'reborn' on the island in a baptismal sort of way - and lookin nice in a suit I might add. His countenance and set smile on the beach reminded us of his calm and contentedness of season one, soon after the first crash. He's exactly where he's supposed to be. All the pain, doubt, ridicule, suffering and sacrifice brought him to this moment. Faith restored, legs in tact. He's special after all.

6. Widmore = Good. No, wait, Widmore = Bad. Ugh! Widmore = Damn Good Actor! Who to believe, who to believe? Widmore finally tells Locke that a) he remembers him from 1954 ya'll! b) he was the leader of 'The Others' for 30 years, protecting the island from 'bad guys' and c) he was tricked by that wascially wabbit Benjamin Linus into leaving the island. And now it's up to Locke to get the himself and the 6 back to the island because there's a 'war coming, and John, you're special'. Hook, line and sinker, Locke is just that easy.

7. Jeremy was on a mission of failed proportions. Not only was Jeremy Bentham wheel-chair bound, but he was sent on what seemed like an impossible mission as well. Sayid was much happier buiding habitats for humanity (no red-shirts allowed), Big Tall Walt was looking tall and well in NYC and sadly thinking that his missing-link father was still alive on some island saving mission. Poor Hurley keeps regressing deeper and deeper into his crazy with all these visits from past ghosts and non-ghosts. Poor guy. Jack pretty much gave him the middle finger, reminding him that Locke/Bentham isn't important. None of them are. By the way, your father says hello Jack. Aw, snap. Jeremy's visit with Kate was something about being in love, blah, blah. Insert Jack/Sawyer insinuations here. Why did I just reinact the life of Bentham for you folks? Well, we watched his birth, that was his 'life', and that life, which seemingly caused him to lose his faith in all things island, paved the way for none other then Benjamin Linus to come in and save the day.

7. He's the man who killed me. Locke could not die faithless or via suicide. Ben knew that when Locke finally died it had to be with his faith in tact and at the hands of someone else in order to resurrect on the island. Thems the rules. Jack's booked a ticket John, great job! You have no idea how important you are, were Ben's 11th hour words to our bald-headed friend. This entire scene had me forgetting to breathe. Literally. You still have a lot of work to do. But just before Ben offs him, Locke divulges why he didn't contact Sun - and oh, here's Jin's wedding ring - and the fact that Eloise Hawking was his final destination. I truly believe that the bit about the ring was the only surprise in that apartment for Ben, and nothing else. The ring was just the icing on the cake.

8. Gonna wash that evidence right outta this room... That whole cleaning scene was something straight out of American Psycho. The man totally came to that apartment equipped with cleaning supplies. He knew exactly what to expect and knew what needed to be done. The right way.

1. Was it Sun that went with Lapidus to the island?
2. Will Ben really miss John?
3. While I'm trying not to care, who are Caesar and Ilana working for? Why does Caesar need a sawed-off shot gun?
4. Who was wearing the bag over their head in the preview for next week? It looked like Claire hair to me.
5. 10 bucks says that Locke's Helen is alive and well, is Abadon?


Jacki F. said...

Love all your points Nicole, but I must say I disagree with the last one. I am not sure that Ben came to the hotel with the intention of killing Locke. It looked to me more like what Locke said to him made him choose to do it in that moment.

Schovillova said...

I know Jackie, I thought that too at first. But then I watched it again. It was an amazing scene. I think Ben busted down that door knowing exactly what to expect. He then systematically restores John's faith in his mission before offing him. Reminding him that he was special, even kneeling at his feet. Ben isn't surprised by much. The news of Jin being alive was just a bonus, the bait that he'd need to get Sun back to the island. The bit about Eloise was not news.

Remember, Ben never wanted John to leave the island and he left it himself in order to get the 6 back there. He knows that Locke's body will get the rest of them back. Why would he have cared if it was Locke who offed himself unless it had to be done a certain way?

I dunno, I'm still in the camp that says Ben isn't surprised by much and that he remains at least a step ahead of the rest of us in most cases. Not that I think he's the 'good guy'. He's just the 'guy to beat'. I'm anxious to see Ben and John's reunion in the next episode.

Queen Kandis said...

I really thought that Ben was surprised by something that Locke said about Eloise Hawking. Either just that Locke knew about her, or her location. Something there was news to Ben, I'm convinced of that.
Thank you for telling me where flight 316 crashed! That was driving me insane. Seeing them in a somewhat unfamiliar station, even though they crashed on the beach, and we KNOW that the Swan Station was the closest hatch to the beach. I'd pretty much forgotten about the mini island.

Justin said...

Yeah, i totally knew ben was gonna kill john. that wasn't surprising at all. not sure why. but my biggest thought is 'who is good and who is bad, and why are they trying to keep the island from each other - what is being 'protected' by each side?'

Can I also say that I'm tired of seeing jack with a scraggly beard and always on the verge of coming apart with tears. either just cry or don't. i'm fed up with the fence riding that he's doing (maybe i'm just mad at him as an actor in his choices).

i agree about the new passengers - i don't give a rat's about them or their lives. like nikki and pauolo, i don't give a shit. don't give me their story. especially if they're gonna die.

when i first say Ilana, i thought it was ugly betty and i thought "are you kidding me with this?" but then it wasn't. but man it looks like her.

what happened with desmond and penny? where's aaron? has anyone else died?

i agree. i think helen is alive. but who the eff is abadon?

Schovillova said...

Ok, my Mered sent me this email and I am pasting its contents - with my replies - here b/c I feel it might benefit us all...

Hola Nic,

Last week when Sam & I watched “Lost” the whole episode was punctuated with “Ugh! So…why…??? Ask Nicole.” Sam made a verbal list for me of questions we have about the show and told me to ask you, our faithful leader in this confusing abyss. Here are the ones I remember:

M: How the heck are Walt and Frank Lapidus both living normal lives in the “real” world? Walt just somehow made it back to school and never mentioned what happened to him or told the police to try to find his father?
- N: Honestly I can't remember how the Walt/Michael return was addressed. I want to say they both returned to the states under different names and were thus presumed dead.

M: And, Lapidus was presumed dead when he made it look like that was his body at the bottom of the ocean, so how the heck is he now a commercial pilot? No one ever recognized him and said, “hey Frank, you’re supposed to be dead?”
-N: Lapidus was originally intended for the 815 flight however he didn't go. It ended up being flown by that other guy (the one from Heroes). After 815 'crashed' Lapidus went into a tail spin of self-loathing and paranoia. No one knew about his mission to the island via helicoptor, thus his ability to kick it in the 'real world' as his good ol' Frank Lapidus.

M: What’s the deal with Christian’s shoes? Jack bought them for him to be buried in so how did Jack’s grandfather end up with them?
-N: Jack used the old white tennis shoes because his dad wasn't worth the trouble of finding 'nice shoes' and his mom wanted to have the funeral right when he landed. Also, he figured that no one was going to see his dad in the coffin from the waste down anyways so why would it matter?

M: I thought the point was that the shoes were on Christian when the Oceanic flight crashed which is why it was important for those same shoes to be on the return flight to the island. So, how did this random grandfather of Jack’s get them?
-N: The pair that his grandfather had were just some random ones that Jack's mom sent him as part of his son's belongings. He said they got mixed in with his own stuff when he packed. And coincidentally, Jack needed to put something of his father's on Locke and wouldn't you know it? He had his dad's shoes.

Schovillova said...

Oh, and JT, Abaddon was
1)first seen last season in a flashback where he came to visit Hurley at Santa Rosa Mental Hospital. He posed as someone from the insurance company, trying to get 'the real story' out of Hurley regarding the crash and the other survivors.

2)Then, he resurfaced in a Locke flashback as being an orderly in the hospital where Locke was after his fall. He's the one that first mentioned to Locke about going on a walkabout.

3) Then we found out that he was the one who coordinated our frieghter folk that fell from the sky (Charlotte, Miles, Daniel and Lapidus) to go to the island.

4) And remember he told Locke last week that working for Widmore, he 'gets people where they're supposed to go'.

Abaddon is a Hebrew word meaning destruction. In Judeo-Christian thought, he is a being closely associated with the place of punishment for the damned. Specific biblical references make him the angel of the abyss or of the bottomless pit.