Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost S5:4 - Rewind

The Little Prince - C

EERRRRRRKKK! Thunk. Oh, that sound? That was the sound of all the awesome momentum of Season 5 coming to a screeching halt and then my head hitting the wind shield. But hey, it wasn't all bad. Only the first 45 minutes, like 75%, thus – the C. I gotta be honest, folks, this wasn’t a great episode for me. I only watched it once. My hopes were raised a little too high by the title: ‘The Little Prince’, eluding to one of my favorite books
. You know, the asteroid-hopping prince who fell to earth, encountered a fellow displaced soul and then realized he never was supposed to leave his B612 planet or his beloved rose (constant, wha?) to begin with? But I continue to give props to Team Darlton for their continued literary references. Those, I love.

What we (I) learned:

1. Life is like a box of chocolates. With a super secret pistol underneath. Clearly Sun has not let bygones be bygones and she’s prepared to make Jack and Ben pay by way of bullet for the ‘death’ of Jin. She has turned out to be quite the bad-ass and I kinda like it.

2. We were right. No, we were wrong. Ah, we were right. It was kind of like being on the kiddie roller coaster at the fair. In the season opener we (yay Kev for that light bulb) guessed it was Ben who was pulling Kate’s puppet strings to get her back to the island with ‘The Little Prince’. But in this episode for about a minute, we were led to believe that we had indeed been duped by the writers with the reveal that it was Claire’s mom who was harassing Kate. But then Dr. Jack saved the day and put Kate’s worries to rest by going straight to the source – and almost blowing it at the same time. Did you follow that?

3. What is the island trying to tell us? Is it significant that our Losties tripped back to the weeks just after the crash to see the hatch light illuminate the sky and witness the birth of Aaron? Back in season 1 the hatch represented a sort of existential kiddie-coaster for John as well. That beacon of light was a huge turning point, when he believed there really was a purpose to what he was doing. The hatch was his destiny. For an instant he felt justified in the death of Boone – that being the sacrifice that the island demanded. Alas, it was fleeting as he soon discovered the source of the light and the true purpose of his destined hatch.

4. You can look but not touch. Our poor tortured Sawyer was made to witness the birth of Aaron and see Kate at her strongest. The slow-mo for me was a little much and his sulkiness after was irritating. I tried to be moved by that scene but I just couldn’t muster up the sensitivity. In retrospect I may have been in a bad mood going into the episode. Hmmm.

5. Miles has been on the island before. What a shock. Little hints along the way have led us to believe that this is true and then last night Dr. Faraday did well to reinforce it. Ten bucks says Miles’s last name is either a) Chang, b) Halliwax, c) Candle, or d) Wickmund. For all of you who are like ‘who, who, who, and who??’… Pierre Chang is the reoccurring star in all of the Dharma Initiative films and the b, c, and d were his commonly used pseudonyms. And no, I have no life apparently. Remember in the opener we saw that Chang was an on-island baby daddy. I’m just sayin.

6. Kate thinks that Jack is insane for trusting Ben again and so do I. Sayid said it himself, ‘The only side Ben is on is his own.’ Hurley would rather be in lock-up than be around Ben, and Sun came packing heat. So what up with Jack and his sudden hero-worship?

7. Anagram alert! “Rainier-Canton” on the side of Ben’s van = “reincarnation”. Or “rain container”. Ha. Make of it what you will.

8. Jin is alive and kickin and island trippin - via water!

9. We got to see a young Daniel Rousseau and her infamous team of French scientists land on the island. Wow. Not even a blip on the excitement meter. But will the island let us see the infamous slaying of her team? That would be blip enough to bump a letter grade at least.

PS – Where the hell is Ji Yeon and why does Mama Sun think that ‘candy in the mini bar and over 100 channels on TV’ is the TLC that Baby Aaron needs?


justin said...

Just was watching it. Yep - totally bored.

Queen Kandis said...

Ji Yeon is on an extended play date with Emma Gellar and other babies who are no longer necessary plot devices.

Or she's with Sun's mother which was mentioned in a throw away line like two episodes ago.

The most obnoxious thing about "The Little Prince" to me was the thunk of dramatic music about two minutes after we'd already figured out the "twist".