Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lost S5:6 - Rewind

316 - (strong)B

This episode was what I like to call 'slap-you-in-the-face good'. It wasn't the roller coaster ride that started off our season but it didn't need to be. I'll tell ya, spoiler free is the way to be boys and girls. I did not anticipate many of the reveals that Team Darlton slapped us with last night. I. was. not. prepared. The opening scene that took us straight back to the SERIES PREMIER had me saying 'Nuh-UH!' out loud, with no one but my dog to look at me weird.

But I digress. Let's see if we can't sort some of this stuff out.

Here's what we (I) learned:

Slap #1: RIP Jeremy Bentham. So John Locke hung himself after all and his last words were an 'I told you so' letter to Jack. Ha! And to add insult to injury, Jack has once again been charged with toting his body back to the island in a Christian Shepherd way. I loved it when Jack voiced it for us all with 'This is ridiculous.' Anyone else notice that Locke's bald head has remained especially shiny between all the funeral home - freezer - airport shuffling?

Slap #2: White tennis shoe mystery SOLVED! And I loved it. So simple. Jack didn't think his dad deserved the 'nice' shoes and hey, no one's gonna see him from the waste down anyway, right?

Slap #3: The island moves. Which we kinda knew, but not really. But then Old Lady Hawking says it just like that - only minus the 'ya'll'. I love the 'Lamppost Station' - CS Lewis Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe - wha? Anyone? Anyone? The lamppost was how they always knew how to get home again! I heart the writers.

Slap #4: Okay, maybe not a slap, but more of a moment of irony. Ben's a man of faith after all. Or is it just his way of calling in the big guns at the 11th hour. The scene with him in church lighting the candles had me grinning wide.

Slap #5: The gang's back together again and they're all going back to the island! Woah. Again, I was so not prepared for this. I'd imagined the whole journey back to the island was going to be drug out for at least a few more episodes but before I knew it, there they all were. Ben's obviously got an in with the man upstairs - whoda thunk? Complete with Charlie's guitar case and Spanish comic book (God love Hurley for thinking of that), a fugitive (but what did he DO!?) with a Anna Lucia looking officer, and a dead body. Awesome. Was it all coincidence that they were there? Hurley definitely looked surprised, as did Sayid. And what's up Lapidus! That man cleans up well. Remember, he was supposed to be the original pilot of 815. Yes, my mind does indeed have an endless capacity for useless information.

Slap #6: 'We're on the same Plane Jack. That doesn't make us together'. Oh, ouch. That can be read so many different ways. 'us together' as in group solidarity or 'us together' as in she doesn't heart him anymore. There's a dead look in her eyes now that she's sans Aaron and I fear that only a shirtless Sawyer can restore that light. Sigh.

Soft Slap #7: Now we know where the 'Ajira Air' water bottles on the beach came from. I did not see that coming. I thought it was someone's wreckage, but certainly not from the plane of the 6! And that being said...

Buh-BAM! Slap #8: They're baaaaaaack... on. the. island. Poof. Just like that.

1. Where are the rest of the folks from the plane? Why is there wreckage on the beach? Did the plane really crash of did the white light just kind of disappear them from the plane? Huh.
2. Where's Aaron? With his rightful grandma perhaps?
3. How is Desmond going to come back into the picture because the island clearly 'is not finished' with him.
4. A gun toting Jin in a Dharma uniform - can't wait for this.
5. Um... What the hell happened to Ben?
6. Did the 6 dress to be in a crash? Like, did they where comfortable shoes? bring more layers of clothing? Bottled water and food? Just a thought.


Queen Kandis said...

For the love of God, please tell me that Kate brought something to tie her damn hair back this time around.

justin said...

I'm confused - is this the last season or is there one more after this? I mean, now that they returned to the island (with far greater ease than expected), what's their purpose?

I guess I'm wondering what their final thing is - now that they are back, do they stay or do they strive to fix whatever and then go back home?


Schovillova said...

Oh she had hair rubber bands before, she just usually wore them around her wrist. Because that makes sense when you're on a tropical island with a head full of hair.

And JT, I know that there is still one season after this. The definite end of the series is in May 2010, but that's about all I know. I'd imagined that they'd spend most of this season trying to get back but so much for that. Poof! They they are. Back on the island. Now what indeed. Is there mission to save the rest of the Losties AND save the island? I just want to know who Adam and Eve are. Me thinks Desmond and Penny.

Sometimes spoiler free is so not the way to be. Sigh.

Jacki F. said...

Ben is all messed up because he killed Penny...that was his loose end he had to tie up. And if I'm wrong, I can only blame myself for listening to my husband because he called it immediately. Oh, and that is also why Desmond comes back to the island - to get his revenge on Ben for offing Penny.