Saturday, February 14, 2009

This week I learned....

What a busy week this has been. By the time I crawled out of the museum last night, I had clocked over 60 hours for the week and every part of my body felt it. Pam didn't have to twist my arm very hard to convince me that our 2 year anniversary martinis were indeed a must. With all the hours of programs, prepping, castles, science fairs, Lincoln B-days and digestive tracts, I realized that I had in fact come away with some life-long learning for the week that will serve me well for many years to come. Here's what I learned:

1. Corn-husk dolls. I can make 'em in a matter of seconds. I cannot wait for sweet corn season to roll around, I'm sure to be the hit of the backyard cook outs this summer.
2. Lincoln used his stove pipe hat to store important documents. This I learned from one of my favorite five year-olds.
3. You can make learning the digestive tract so much fun that kids will jump out of their chairs to volunteer to be the rectum and shoot poop through a basket. Trust me on this.
4. I'm now a master cotton ball catapult engineer. I dare you to come up with one better.
5. Sadly, I can be too tired for wine, Lost, and Yoga even.

6. Altho I doubt this last one will serve me in any capacity beyond the end of this post, I just have to get this off my chest...
When I first heard about a woman giving birth to 8 babies, it scared the hell out of me, and quite frankly it still does. It's disturbing really. It's way beyond all laws of nature, let alone my comprehension, and this time science has gone too effing far. Do those pictures look natural to you!? Hell. No. Humans were not built for that and none of her 14 children deserve it! I just don't get it. And then society goes and facilitates this behavior by exploiting the hell out of it. By paying for the story and the pictures. I don't judge this woman for keeping all the embryos, I don't. But I do judge her for going for a seventh round of fertility treatment and knowingly having 6 embryos implanted. I judge her for not thinking about the welfare and future of her already 6 young children at home, 3 of which already receive disability from the state. She is young, single and jobless, and is now posting pictures of her hospitalized octuplets on the web in an attempt to receive donations from the public. Was that her plan all along? Oh, it's okay. I'll be fine. 6 babies isn't enough to garner sympathy from the general public. But maybe if I have 8 more... It garnered sympathy yes, not for her, but for those poor little babies. I look at those pictures and I want to cry and punch her in the face all at the same time. So yes, I pray for the lives of all 14 of those children who have been thrust unwillingly into the lime light. For their futures and their health. I pray that they will somehow manage to find peace in their lives. And although I have searched for compassion in my heart, I find blame. I blame her. And I blame society.
How do these images make you feel?


Queen Kandis said...

Dude? Word. She makes me so angry that I want to tear my hair out. Or hers. And that insanely unethical fertility doctor she found? He should be forced to be her kids' unpaid nanny for life. Or sent to jail. I'd be cool with either.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am right there with ya on all of your points. I can't make corn husk dolls, however and since we are surrounded out here by corn fields, I will invite you over to show us that fine art at our next party.

I think we all have the right to see, hold and be in the lives of all of that ladies 14 children since we are the ones who will be footing the bill for every single one of them.
I would love to see your cotton ball catapult as well, I did not have a chance to check that out at the party.
Congratulations on all the hours last week. You will love the check, even though, like me, I am sure you would trade the money for sleep.
Bob Sutton

Schovillova said...

Um Bob? You get paid for extra hours? How does that work exactly...