Wednesday, March 11, 2009


An Amateur Review of Musical Greatness

I'd like to state for the record that a) I am not a musician, b) I cannot carry a tune, and c) my dance moves are often questionable. But trust me when I say that I know good music when I hear it. And for the past 5 days I've been hearing it. The source of my musical epiphany comes from the direction of one of the greatest bands of all time - U2. That's right folks, they're still around, they're still effing awesome, and they've got a new CD to prove it.

If I had to describe U2's 12th studio album No Line on the Horizon in one word I would say buttah. Weird, I know. But think about it. Buttah. It's warm, it drips, and it oozes all over. Can you see it now? Drip. Drip. It drips heavy bass. Slowly it works it's way down into your stomach, coating and spreading - like that Pepto commercial.

The first song, No line on the Horizon. It gets you movin and brings a smile to your lips. A first taste if you will. Must. have. more. And then, everything about song #3 Moment of Surrender is an emotion-packed journey. From the funky little drum-beat up front coupled with some soulful lyrics, to that sexy bass sound that makes the upper abdominals clinch like they've been punched. My lack of musical inclination makes me painfully aware of my lack of musical vocab. Towards the end of this ballad you get all warm and fuzzy-like, and everything is electric-sounding. It makes me squinch my eyes tight in a good way as he sings:

I was speeding off the subway
Through the stations of the cross

Every eye looking every other way

Counting down till the pain will stop

At the moment of surrender

A vision of a visibility

I did not notice the passers by

And they did not notice me

Unknown Caller's got this crazy little guitar beat in the beginning and then manages to go out with a hymnal-like piece. And then, Get on Your Boots gets my head bobbing back and forth and in a circular motion. That one took a little time but it now vibrates out my fingers and toes. The album works its way through your system, like I said, dripping. Bono's voice is hauntingly rich and so much of the music is comfortingly reminiscent of Joshua Tree and Achtung while surprisingly fresh a la' All That You Can't Leave Behind. By Cedars of Lebanon I'm mentally in fetal - again, in a good way.

This is their 12th studio album and it's been almost 5 years since How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. I gotta say I was nervous. But in true U2 fashion, they totally delivered. They totally showed up. Current. Thought-provoking. Foot-stomping. Idealistic . True.

That's all I got.

PS - I've listened to it 100 times in the last 5 days. It's good. Trust me on this.


anjew said...

You make me want to blog. And I love anything that is described by, related, similar, and in any way compared to FOOD.

Jutin said...

I couldn't even get through this post. Sorry, ha ha.

Schovillova said...

shut. up. u2 is lost on your generation JT.

and anjew, whoever you are, thank you. you should definitely blog.