Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lost S5:8 - Rewind

LaFleur - C
Sigh. Besides the fact that his eyes are shut, what else is wrong with this picture?
Within the first five minutes of the 8th episode of the fifth season, I was bored. Bor-red. What's wrong with this picture is that it that it had the exact opposite reaction on me than I think the writers originally intended. My (spoiler free) shock meter barely registered a blip during the entire 60 minutes and I found myself insulted. Downright insulted I tell ya. Unlike many of my friends, I felt that this episode had few reveals and set us up for a bad season of That 70's Show, the Dharma Years.

Here's what we(I) learned:

1. Meet Jim LaFleur. AKA: Sawyer. Bad-ass brooding Lostie turned Dharma jumpsuit wearing sensitive guy. Were any of you as unmoved as me when he went scurrying over that well wall only to be met abruptly by THE GROUND. Nice try Jim. Locke is so long gone he's already back. But 'e' for effort big guy.

2. And what's wrong with this picture my little Lostaritos? No, don't guess. I'll tell you. 3 years later and 30 years into the past, Juliet is a mechanic ya'll. A. Mechanic. But wait! After she changes your oil she will deliver your baby!
Speaking of which, at some point babies could be born on the island. This must have been before 'the incident'. Because after that, not even Juliet could birth no baby. Except Danielle. Oh, and Claire. Huh.

3. Hooked on Phonics worked for Jin.

4. Horace liked to indulge in the spirits. To the point of becoming unconscious and snoozing through the birth of his first child. His wife was still in love with her fist husband - who was killed by 'the hostiles' - and he (Horace) had a healthy fear of our loverly lashed Richard Alpert.

5. Gasp. This 1/3 glimpse of the 4-toed statue I think registered the biggest blip on my excite-o-meter and that's not saying much. For some serious statue related theories click here. We learned nothing from this screen cap. Nada. Nine. Noola. Best bet is Egyptian origin - red hieroglyphs on the countdown clock anyone? Anyone?

6. Bodies had to be buried, and quickly. Team Darlton was trying to tell us something when Amy insisted that the 2 Hostiles that killed her beloved Paul had to be buried. Like right then and there. This scene made us think back to the surprising deaths and odd burials of Russeau and Karl last season. That's all I got.

7. Jim and Juliet like, love each other. Great. Good for both of them. I applaud them in their ability to let go of the past and decide to be happy in the present. I mean the past. I mean the past-present. Whatever. Finally we get to see triangle-quadrangle free love. Uncomplicated and real...

8. Oh wait. Never mind. So much for her 'forgettable' face.

9. Jim LeFleur reveals his true petals - to Alpert. Confesses is more like it and he even name drops Locke while he's at it. No wonder the 2004 others revere John as such a god. His appearance was predicted for 50 years like he was the second coming or something. Suddenly his rock star status starts to make sense.

10. You can't change the past, Daniel said it himself. A touching little moment when he caught sight of tiny little red-headed Charlotte, running around alive as could be in Dharmaville. How much you wanna bet that he resists the urge to make contact with her for as long as possible, but in a last-ditch 'eff it' move, he grabs little unknowing Charlottte fiercely by the shoulders and angrily insists that should she ever return to the island SHE. WILL. DIE.

11. Thanks to my finely tuned all-things-Egypt radar I was quick to spot that Paul wore an Ankh around his neck and the ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyph for eternal life. Yes Darlton, we're paying attention.

See what I mean folks? Honestly, were any of you that wowed by any of the above? Seriously? Mostly below-par reveals with lots of filler dialogue and I really don't care that much that they're in the 70's. Here's hoping Smokie gets some camera time soon and bring on the Sun-Jin reunion!

Until then we gotta ask...
1. What did the Hostiles want with Paul's body?
2. How do those pesky Hostiles make it through the sonic fence when the likes of Smokie cannot?

3. Where the hell is Sun?

4. Who does Amy's baby grow up to be? And before you suggest Karl, consider that that would have made 2004 Karl 30. And 30 he clearly was not.


Queen Kandis said...

I think we have opposite taste in episodes. I liked this one far better than Jeremy Bentham. I thought it was nice to see Sawyer be a grown up (and clean!). We saw the Sawyer and Juliette thing coming from miles away, but it's okay with me. I feel like we learned more in this episode than the previous one. But so help me God, if they're going all Time Traveler's Wife with Daniel and Charlotte, I'll have to cut somebody.

Jacki F. said...

On #2: yes, I agree that it is a bit ridiculous to assume that Juliet is a mechanic and then births the baby, but we do know that babies can be birthed on the island...babies that aren't conceived on the island. So either the baby that whatever-her-name had in this episode was indeed born before 'the incident' or the baby wasn't conceived on the island.

And I completely agree on #3. All of a sudden Jin not only speaks great English, but knows slang terms like "Walkie." ???

And finally, a theory - I never thought of it until you posed the question, but maybe Amy's baby grows up to be the boy that Ben's daughter wants to be with. And that is why he is so adamant that they aren't allowed to be together...because he is the son of the guy he killed. Or maybe not - that is why I LOVE this show! :)

Schovillova said...

Jackie F - Ben's daughter = Alex and that boy = Karl. The one I think isn't in his 30's. But who knows.

Ally - I am shocked at our differences. Who are we? How is this possible? While I agree that Sawyer has certainly come the furthest as far as character development is concerned, I feel like the flower shirt coupled with the flower gift is a little much, to the point of being annoying. And he and Juliet were sooo predictable. Blek.

Yes jackie, this is why we love this show!!