Saturday, October 17, 2009


I admit. I'm hooked on and I have been for years. It's brutally - and at times painfully - honest, candid, and freeing. Secret confessions are posted on all topics, never ceasing to amaze, inspire and occasionally cause one to wince. It's got me thinking about what I would send. Sometimes I find some that I could have written myself. I posted them here...
I do this sometimes when I go shopping. Or I bring my ipod so I can not hear the sales people when they approach me.

I do this knowing that it will come back to bite me in the ass when I have kids.

I'm pretty certain that I do use too much TP. I think a lot of people do and just don't admit it.

I do this at airports. Or I'll have my headphones in with the volume down.
Is that so wrong?

And I would add these- but shhh! It's our little secret...
1) Ok, ok, I really do use too much toilet paper.
2) I am quietly miffed when I don't get carded. I'm 32. I need to get over myself.
3) Sometimes I listen to NPR just to hear the soothing voices - not caring about the program. Everyone on there has an amazing voice.
4) When I was little my doctor told me I'd be 5'7" or 5'8". I'm secretly still waiting for that to happen.
5) Kevin leaves by 6:45 am almost every morning. Some mornings I'll get up with him and make it seem like I'm up for the day, but as soon as he leaves I jump right back into be for another hour :)

So tell me friends, Do you have anything fun that you want to share?
Leave a comment - you can even do it anonymously.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Videos of the Week

As stated previously, September was not one of my most stellar months, but I was lucky enough to go out with some good laughs. The below videos - if you haven't seen them, and hell, even if you have - are sure to bring great big smiles and giant belly laughs.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

See Ya September, Helloooo October!

Go ahead. Take a whiff. A long beautiful inhale through the nose... hold.... hold... and - exhale... all the way out. Did you smell it? Feel it? Taste it? That's the smell of Fall. It's here. The leaves and cool crisp air do not lie friends. As the trees become illuminated and energized by the Autumn season, so too shall we. We will shed our summer skin - all the stress, bruises and bumps - and charge forth with new attitude and vigor.

September started out hopeful enough, but September can be tricky. It clings to summer because it's warm days are not fit for my beloved fall. Linen pants and open-toe shoes are still acceptable and scarves are still fashion only - not function. So I waited. September came and unleashed its fury. Ok, not fury so much as blows. I quickly found myself confined to crutches and anyone who knows me can guess how well that hasn't gone over. But as I shed my Summer-September skin, so too shall I shed these damn crutches. Also there were some work blows and I hate to even give credit to the labor gods but so be it. But I rallied, and did some soul-searching and reconfiguring and left my ego behind. I love my job and the people I work with. That is why I do it and so I shall continue to do it. Until that winning lotto ticket lands in my lap.

With September safely behind me, I embrace the new season and all it brings. The cool air. Football games with Kevin & Co. Coffee on my porch on cool mornings. Hot Yoga on cool nights. Fires in the chiminea and maybe even our fireplace this year. MLB. New music. Red wine.

So this is me, pulling on my knit hat, choosing a scarf out of the pile, grabbing a crutch and heading outside. Heading into Fall.