Saturday, October 17, 2009


I admit. I'm hooked on and I have been for years. It's brutally - and at times painfully - honest, candid, and freeing. Secret confessions are posted on all topics, never ceasing to amaze, inspire and occasionally cause one to wince. It's got me thinking about what I would send. Sometimes I find some that I could have written myself. I posted them here...
I do this sometimes when I go shopping. Or I bring my ipod so I can not hear the sales people when they approach me.

I do this knowing that it will come back to bite me in the ass when I have kids.

I'm pretty certain that I do use too much TP. I think a lot of people do and just don't admit it.

I do this at airports. Or I'll have my headphones in with the volume down.
Is that so wrong?

And I would add these- but shhh! It's our little secret...
1) Ok, ok, I really do use too much toilet paper.
2) I am quietly miffed when I don't get carded. I'm 32. I need to get over myself.
3) Sometimes I listen to NPR just to hear the soothing voices - not caring about the program. Everyone on there has an amazing voice.
4) When I was little my doctor told me I'd be 5'7" or 5'8". I'm secretly still waiting for that to happen.
5) Kevin leaves by 6:45 am almost every morning. Some mornings I'll get up with him and make it seem like I'm up for the day, but as soon as he leaves I jump right back into be for another hour :)

So tell me friends, Do you have anything fun that you want to share?
Leave a comment - you can even do it anonymously.


Rob said...

I can relate to some of these, especially faking activities to avoid dealing with people in public.

My take on T.P. is that there's no such thing as too much, unless you clog up the toilet. Cleanliness and feeling clean are good for my psyche :-)

Anonymous said...

when I'm really stressed, I open up a game of solitaire. I can control a bad hand with a re-deal and it's immediately liberating.

I never seem to have enough "room" in my coffee pre-milk and sweetener. I end up pouring out a bunch...into the trash can. Should I feel bad about this?

Anonymous said...

1. Listening to NPR is the only thing that makes me feel better when I am hungover or carsick ....aMUST

2. Jed bitches at me about electricity a lot so sometimes before I leave the house - I turn off all of the lights and turn his studio light ON - so when he comes home he realizes he does it too sometimes...

3. When I dropped my phone in wontonsoup, I think I was really happy bc I hate having a cel phone.

4. I get excited about towing violators in our lot.

5. I don't brush G's hair every day. I put it in a bun.

6. I don't brush my hair everyday. I put it in a bun.

I absolutely do not waste toilet paper! ever!

Eric said...

I'm convinced that I was actually born to a aristocratic European family, but was separated at birth. Not that I don't love the family who raised me (who refer to themselves as "my family"), but things are gonna change when Father and Mother, the Arch-Duke and Dutchess, find me again. Ooooohhh boy, are they gonna change...

Critter said...

I absolutely love It's a complete waste of time...along with most of the internet.

I also love sleeping until noon...or two, but I don't tell anyone because they all look at me like I'm some kind of loser.