Friday, November 27, 2009

Doctor Sleep

This just in.... Stephen King has (tentatively) announced that he is planning a SEQUEL to one of my top 10 favorite books of all time - The Shining. It might even be one of my top 5 but hands down it's the scariest book I've ever read. And not like 'scary gruesome' but scary as in a total mind-fug. Can I say that? I just did. If you haven't read it then you won't understand.

The last time I read it I could only read it outside in the Texas sun while floating in the middle of my in-laws' pool where no harm could come to me. It was not allowed indoors. Jack Torrance's mind is a scary place to be, you should try it sometime.

So the sequel - Doctor Sleep.

I admit that I have wondered what ever happened to young Danny Torrance. You know, the finger talking Mr. 'redrum, redrum' kid and one of the freakiest child actors EVER. Him and that little girl from Poltergeist. Doctor Sleep picks up 40 years later and centers on said freaky kid Danny Torrance who is living in upstate New York and working as an orderly for hospice. Yikes. I'm intrigued.

Sad to say the sequel is not a sure thing as Mr. King joked that he 'keeps talking about it so he won't have to write about it.' And I say: SHUT UP AND WRITE STEPHEN!!!

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