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Lost Season 5 Redux Part 2 (finally)

S5:13 Some Like it Hoth
(After Dr. Chang threatens to send Hurley to Hydra Island ankle deep in polar bear poop)
Hurley: Dude, that guy's a total douche.
Miles: That douche is my dad.

With all the crazy going on Hurley wants to try and prevent Global Warming. Love that kid. Hurley also witnesses the building of the hatch (the one that crashed our plane) and the imprinting of our favorite numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 on the hatch door.

Naomi came to off-island Miles and offered him $1.6m on behalf of Widmore to talk to a bunch of dead people on the island in order to discover the whereabouts of Benjamin Linus. Check.

At the end of this uneventful episode our favorite Dr. Daniel Faraday pops out of the submarine as a new arrival from Anarbor.

S5:14 The Variable

Daniel warns Dr. Chang about a catastrophic electromagnetic accident that will take place and then plays the 'I know because I'm from the future' card. And it didn't work.

The word for the day is destiny and Dr. Daniel is ready to change it. First we learn that Jack and co. were misinformed by stage mom Elloise who is hell-bent on Daniel fulfilling his own destiny no matter the cost. Daniel now sees his mission purpose is to destroy the energy contained under the Swan station. If he's successful then that means no button pushing every 108 minutes, no 815 plane crash and no freighter. And how does he plan on destroying said energy? By detonating a hydrogen effing bomb of course. Huh. Is he gonna do it? My guess is no since 1977's Elloise nails him IN THE BACK with a bullet at the end of the episode. What the fug?

And by the way, Dr. Daniel was losing his mind when Widmore first paid him a visit and told him about the healing properties of the island and some kick-ass scientific research opportunities. Why does Widmore care so much about Daniel? Oh, because that's his son.

The variable it turns out are the people themselves. Daniel realizes that while they are the constants they may also be the variables as well. Able to change the future but not the past. Interesting to see what happens now that his mom killed him before he was ever born.

Side note: Kate jumps back on Team Jack even though Sawyer threw out a 'Freckles' for effect. While Kate and Jack are with dead Daniel and the Hostiles, Hurley, Sawyer and Juliette end up surrendering to Horace and the rest of the Dharmites. Damn Jack & co. for coming back to island.

S5:15 Follow the Leader

The H Bomb was buried underneath Dharmaville 20 years ago and Elloise, Richard and Others are off to find it.

Jack is convinced that if they are able to detonate the hydrogen bomb then everything will be reset. There will be no body count, no 815 crash. That plane will have landed at LAX in 2004 and the past 3 island years will never happen. Or, detonate the bomb and they're all toast.
In the words of Sayid to Jack: If this works then you might just save us all. If it doesn't, at least you'll put us out of our misery.

Kate leaves Team Jack and finds herself on the first sub off the island with Sawyer and Juliet.

New Locke decides that he is going to go see Jacob and he's gonna take everyone with him. So, in true finale fashion, a pilgrimage of sorts is underway and this time there's a twist. Locke wants to kill Jacob. Oops, scratch that. Locke wants Ben to kill Jacob.

H-Bomb on board. Our Losties have gone from toting C4 in their back packs in season 1 to carrying freakin nuclear devices in season 5.

S5:16 The Incident

Opening scene at the 4-Toed statue: Flashback to the beach with Jacob and the Man in Black (Smokey, what?). The MIB assures Jacob that some day he'll find a loophole and return to kill him. Huh.

Jacob's been making his off-island rounds for a long time and we flashed back to 6 different instances where he paid visits to each of our favorite Losties at turning points in their lives: Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Jack, Hurley, and Sun & Jin. In each flashback he made it a point to make physical contact by shaking a hand or patting a back. Why is that important? I have no idea. But whatever it meant he was able to get them all to (and back to) the island. Side note, we also saw that Jacob paid a visit to off-island Illana where he gives her the task to come to the island.

We got to see Vincent, Rose and Bernard who have been living blissfully retired and under the radar on the island since the flaming arrows flew 3 years before. They're disappointed when they're discovered by Sawyer, Kate and Juliet and they can't believe that they're all still running around trying to kill each other. Again, I love it when the characters get to voice the obvious.

Jack and Sawyer finally got to beat the crap out of each other as Sawyer tried to stop Jack from either a)blowing them all to smithereens, or b)resetting the clock back to a still airborne 815. Long story short Juliet broke it up and convinced Sawyer to let Jack go and player with his nuke.

At the site of the Swan station, Jack is met with gunfire but Team Sawyer swoop in to get his back yet again. Jack makes his way over to the hole and drops the bomb in and then... nothing. Instead of a nuclear explosion or time resetting, we got to see all things metal being pulled towards the hole, attracted by the magnetic pull. Poor Juliet gets tangled in chains and gets dragged down into the hole but not without a formidable fight by Sawyer and Kate but they were no match for the forces that be.

Back at the 4-toed statue, Ageless Richard is disturbed by Locke's new 'I don't give a damn attitude' as he brings Ben into the statue to see Jacob. Alpert bows out and lets Locke and Ben to their own devices. While they're inside, Illana and her crew have finally caught up to Alpert and the rest of the 316-ers. They're anxious to show Richard the contents of a crate that they found in the cargo hold of the plane. The open the crate to reveal the corpse of Locke.

Meanwhile in the statue, Locke and Jacob greet each other like old nemesis's, much to the confusion of Ben. Locke smirks that he found his loophole and bates Ben into finally offing the great and wonderous Jacob by way of a knife through the heart and then a nice swift kick into the fire pit. Ouch.

At the bottom of the hole, Juliet finds herself face down and broken, but not broken enough to make a last-ditch heroic effort to detonate Jack's nuke. We hold out breaths in anticipation as we get to find out in only TWO DAYS the outcome of the last scene.

Any guesses?

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