Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lost S6:5 - Rewind

Lighthouse - B-
After a first viewing of this episode, my instinct was to give it a good, solid B+. But after a second (and ok, a third) viewing, I decidedly stripped it of its plus and threw on the minus due to its lack of effect on my blip-o-meter. Yes, I have a blip-o-meter and throughout 'Lighthouse' it looked like this:
Here's why:
At first blip. See that first blip? The big one at the beginning? That was right around the time that we made the big reveal of the night: Jack has a very grown son in sideways world. Math check - Sideways world is 2004, David-son-of-Jack is in junior high, no way is the baby mama Sarah. And really, I don't care who she is - unless somehow it's Juliet or something. That would be cool.

Love child. Claire is still Daddy Christian's love child in sideways world. Meh.

Scars don't lie. Sideways Jack still had his appendix out but it was about 30 years earlier than post 815 crash. Weird.

Hurley's in with the in-crowd. Hurley continues to be Jacob's puppet and man does it piss Jack off. Jacob gives Hurley so many instructions this time that he has to write it all down on his freakin ARM. And Jacob's got Jack's number -literally. He knew that all it would take were those 5 magic words: You have what it takes. That's like telling old-school Locke You really are special. Next thing you know, poor broken Jack is in, no questions asked. And PS, Hurley lied to a samari.

I spy another Lostie. The way that our Losties are wondering around the jungle in their own little cliques is really disconcerting. No one is living together so I fear that they are all on the path to dying alone - NOOOOOOO! When Jack and Hurley ran into Kate I thought for sure she'd do the whole tag-a-long thing but this time not so much. She's got an agenda of her own and it doesn't include Jacob, it includes Claire and she's hell-bent on finding her. Girl better watch out cause Claire's hell-bent on finding her too.

I spy Adam and Eve. Put on your Lost time machines and travel back to season one, episode 6 - House of the Rising Sun, when our old friends Jack and Kate stumbled across what they called 'our very own Adam and Eve'. In this episode, Jack took a trip down memory lane and thanks to Team Darlton, we were once again reminded that Adam and Eve are still a huge part of the story. What part? I dunno. But they were brought back out for a reason and I say message received guys, thanks. And I'm letting my geek flag fly here by pointing out that S6 Adam and Eve are not in the same position as S1 Adam and Eve. Six seasons later they are found lying together instead of separately. Hmmmm. Did Jack bring the stones back on his return trek? Best line of the night: What if we time-traveled again to dinosaur times and we died and got buried here? What if the skeletons are us? I totally heart Hurley.

Claire's gone rogue. Claire was separated from baby Aaron and has gone island crazy in a way that only Rousseau could understand and appreciate. Her snarling lips and gleaming eyes had me laughing out loud but the girl won cool points when she impaled Other Justin with her rusty ax. That was awesome. She's also become quite the surgeon with the mad skills she showed in sewing up poor Jin after his run-in with one of her traps. She's been on the run from the Others while hunting them at the same time, all in pursuit of Aaron, you know, the baby she walked away from in the middle of the night 3 years ago? Apparently the infection has messed with her brain and now has her on a rampage trying to recover her son with the help of her good friend Flocke.

108 degrees of separation. I really feel like the whole lighthouse component could have been so much cooler. I mean first, a lighthouse on the island that no one has seen? Really? And maybe Hurley was right, maybe we didn't see it because we weren't really looking for it. Whatever. As soon as I saw the degrees with the corresponding names, yes, I got a blip. But then with all the scenes reflecting in the mirrors - Jack's boy hood home, Sawyer's parents' church, blah blah - and then Jack going and smashing it all to pieces in one of his old school fits, I was like REALLY!?!? Just when we thought all was lost, Jacob appeared while Jack was off sulking and was like, don't worry man, it'll work. Whoever will be here will be here. Please let them be someone we know.

Welcome all Candidates. At David's auditions for the 'Williams Conservatory' Jack was smacked in the face with a sign that welcomed 'all candidates'. Nice.

Daddy Dogen is that you? It would seem that Dogen is a daddy in sideways world too and I thought this was kinda cool. Why's he there? To remind sideways Jack and us of what a shitty father he is. He had no clue that his son could even play like that. Fun fact, the Chopin piece that David was performing was the same one that Daniel played in his flashback back in season 5 (see S5:14 The Variable). I don't know why I know this stuff or what it means sadly.

Just Jack. By episode's end Sideways Jack redeemed himself as a father. He spoke the words to his son that his own father would never speak to him and in doing so, he was healed. Fixed. Island Jack searches for the same peace and to be fixed. But apparently he's gotta look out at the ocean for a while.

Chew on this:
1. Who's 'Wallace'? Is that who's coming to the island? Wallace was the name listed to 108 on the dial but it was crossed out so what the eff?
2. Ok, ok, so I'm a little curious as to the identity of sideways Jack's baby mama.
3. What was Jacob pouring into the Temple water?
4. These two are on their way to The Temple. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Late checking In

I'm stating up front that this is not a Lost post. Sorry friends but I thought I was past due to check in and I dunno, give an update on something other than Lost. Kinda like I used to do - see 2008 and the first half of 2009 postings. And speaking of Checking in, let me apologize to those of you for whom I have checked out (on). With little to no correspondence over the past few months, please know that you are not alone as there is a list of folks to whom I owe apologies and hugs - and Christmas gifts sadly. A sign of the times and my current conditions. Here's what's been going down...

1. Work continues to kick my ass daily. I love it but I've stopped kidding myself that there's an end in sight to the workload and chaos. My hectic schedule has me clocking more hours than I get paid for - something that can't be helped at this point. This often leaves me creatively tapped and too tired to do anything interesting enough to write about and for you to read about. Hence, Lost. I miss my misadventures with my fun friend and thank you thank you to my old friend Queen Kandis for hauling her sick ass up from Austin just to see me - and Barbie. Her 48 hour visit was too fast but sooo much appreciated.

2. Kevin received word that due to the trickle-down effect of the shitty economy and $300 million in education cuts in Indiana that he will not have his job in the fall. Unfortunately he was at the bottom of the seniority totem pole and when a Lawrence school closed, their business teachers needed a home. Sadly that meant that Kev got the boot. The levels of suckage are too many to count. He loves his job. Like really loves it, and he's damn good at it too. He found his niche and I watched him come to life when he started teaching and really, the kids need him as much as he needs them. I work with people who have been in education for many moons and not even they have seen it this bad. But you never know, I like to think that something will work out for him and it will be awesome. Right?

3. I have surgery in T-minus 5 days and counting. It has been almost 5 1/2 months since I tore ligaments in my left ankle and it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride of not healing. After months on crutches and physical therapy, I finally got the boot - literally - as a last-ditch effort to stave off the 'S' word. While said boot has slowed my butt down, it has also thrown my lower back and hips completely out of whack. I feel like I'm 80. My surgeon actually used the phrase at your age with me last week. At my age? MY age?!?! What the hell? It would seem that mother nature has yanked me cruely out of my age denying reverie only to slap me in the face with those 3 words: at your age. Apparently at my age it takes the body longer to heal as we become less inclined to listen to it due to perceived life obligations/commitments. See #1 above. Sprains don't heal as quickly as they did when we were 15. No shit doc.

Back to the slicing and dicing of my precious ankle on Thursday... I like to think that I will bounce back in a super human Wonder Woman like manner. Hell, I might not even need the pain meds (altho I will of course take them) and I've convinced only myself that I'll be back to work by the following Tuesday. It could happen. This is where my lack of surgical experience comes comes shining through. I've had my wisdom teeth out and that's it. I have absolutely no idea what to expect on the recovery side altho apparently people have been doing this surgery for years and survived to tell about it. Huh. So this lacking experience has me anxious as hell while I make grandiose recovery plans at the same time. That can't be good. On the upside, my mom is trekking it from D-town for the occasion and between you and me that is the only reason why I'm looking forward to Thursday. Well, that and the 5 day work-free forecast that follows. But seriously, my mom is quite the commodity in my family and getting her all to myself for that stretch of time, uninterrupted is like Christmas all over. Christmas with a suitcase full of girlie movies and all my favorite recipes - holla! I will milk it for as long as humanly possible.

4. My name is Schovillova and it has been almost 5 1/2 months since my last real yoga class. By 'real' I mean one where I was a happy pain-free participant. One where I was could be present and actually do the poses. And breathe. It's been about that long

since I was able to do that with ease as well. It's like someone telling you that you can't go to church. Or maybe you can go and hang out in the entrance, or listen to the music from outside the door, but ultimately, no gimps allowed. It sounds dramatic. I know this. But to me, that's how it feels. I continued to teach my classes for a few months post injury which probably didn't help my rocky road to non-recovery. I know this too. I had to try. Had to go and at least be there. And I went and found my modifications and did an awful lot of 'do as I say, not as I don't do' kinda tactics. At least it was something for a while, but just not the same. The last class I taught was on December 17. For the record.

But I am hopeful that I will make a ground-breaking recovery and will be back to teaching/taking again in a matter of months... In the words of my mom I just have to 'suck it up and behave (like an adult).' This time I'm listening.

5. My porch. My happy place is also on its road to recovery. After being struck by a drunk driver at 4 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon last April, the infamous front porch has finally been almost 100% restored to its original grandeur. The upstairs front part of the house hung out on stilts (toothpicks) for 2 1/2 months in the fall during peak fall front porch weather. That too took its toll but spring = front porch season and both are just around the corner. Something tells me these two factors will be key to my recovery and you can bet that when the new porch is officially ready for its grand re-opening, there will be more pictures and it will be glorious.

6. Pitchers and catchers reported last week. Even with snowfall again on the horizon I find myself looking past it and into spring and warm summer months.

7. Number 7 is for those things left un-typed. Those which fall into the category that I often struggle with in my own little blogosphere... How much information is too much? And don't fret friends cuz they're just things and really, things aren't so bad.

See? There's hope. On a global scale my above happenings aren't even blips but they're blips to us and they're life. I'll let you know how Slice-n-Dice Thursday goes. Maybe they'll give me a video of the procedure or something. That would be cool. Until then.

Cau for now.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lost S6:4 - Rewind

S6:4 - The Substitute - B+

Tuesday night we got a lota Lockes - 3 to be precise - and our favorite friend Terry O'Quinn deserves an Emmy, maybe 3. And, thanks to Terry and episode 4, we can safely say that the last season of our beloved show has officially begun. There was so much substance to 'The Substitute' that I couldn't possibly hit all the goodness that was gifted to us. In true Lost form we got a few juicy answers and a butt-load more questions, but I'm confident in Team Darlton and when it's all said and done it will be delivered in one mind blowing package with a big red bow. I can't wait.

But for now, here's what learned:

Helen lives. Holla! So happy to see Peg, I mean Helen again, and she and Locke are together in engaged bliss in our LA timeline. Awesome. Not only that, but Locke's dad (the reason for Helen and Locke's original demise) is on the guest list - wow. If memory serves, Locke's bio dad - Cooper - was responsible for the death of Sawyer's parents in 1976 and Jughead went kaboom in 1977. Is Locke's dad to whom Helen refers actually Cooper or could Locke have been raised by an other? Foster dad that is. It's worth mentioning too how refreshing Locke's leap of faith was when he attempted to land his wheelchair dismount and instead ended up face-down in a bed of sprinklers. Instead of laying their defeated like 815-er Locke would have, our LA sideways world Locke just laughed. My what a difference the love of a good woman can make.

Ageless Richard lives! Again, another happy surprise to see Richard fall out of that Rousseau-esque trap. But I have to say that this new lost Richard is a bit unsettling. All these years Richard (and Ben) have been our constants and seemed like they always just knew and had a plan, but now, all bets are off and they're as lost as we are. Yikes.

Randy Nations is a huge douche. And he fired Locke for turning a company trip into a personal vacation walkabout style. Rightly so. But still, Randy Nations really is a douche.

A Rose by any other name. LA Rose may be terminally ill but that doesn't stop her from telling it like it is. Turns out she not only works for Hurley in LA sideways world but she is also the one who finds Locke a job that he can do. I love that she doesn't fall for his 'Don't tell me I can't' bullshit. She's like, 'Hey man, I have terminal cancer and this is what I can do so simmer down.' Snap.

Man of Science. It's official, in the LA sideways world, Locke is now a man of science - a biology substitute. Icing on the cake - Benjamin Linus as the uptight European History teacher. Perfect.

Ashes to ashes. Illana takes a bag full of Jacob's ashes and heads to the temple. Interesting. We know that ashes are what protect folks from our friend Smokey so.... I got nothing.

Locke and Boone, together at last. So glad that Locke was at least reunited with his old 815-er friends on Boone Hill where he was buried with the likes of Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Steve, Stupid Paolo and Nikki and more. The sight of Locke 6-feet down being covered with dirt was surreal. And I really did believe Ben meant it when he said that he was truly sorry that he'd murdered Locke. A funny, but crucial line.

Team Flocke? Sawyer has told the temple folk - and Ageless Richard - to shove it and is now officially on Team Flocke. He's not sure who/what exactly he's following, but he knows it's not old Locke. And whoever it is, he has a) confidence, and b) answers. And for the record, I don't believe Sawyer for a second when he aligns himself with Flocke. Here's hoping for a final long con.

The island wants YOU to be it's leader. And it wants you in this order:
4: John Locke
8: Hurley
15: Sawyer
16: Sayid
23: Jack
42: Kwon - Sun or Jin?
And here is where I state the obvious - What about Kate? Thoughts?

Jacob just had a thing for numbers. I call bullshit. There's method to the number madness and Flocke knows what it is and he ain't tellin.

When in doubt choose C. Flocke gave Sawyer 3 options: a) Sawyer could do nothing and see how the island happenings unfold. Maybe even get his name crossed off 'the list'. b) He could take a stab at being island protector (again I call bullshit when he said there's nothing to protect the island from). Or c) Go home, which is what Smokey wants to do. Sawyer chose C. Again, his motives are questionable.

Ebony and Ivory. Almost forgot to mention, we were punched in the face with yet another illusion to good-v-evil, black and white. The stones on the balanced scale were there (WHY!?) and in a move that shouted 'EFF THE RULES!' Flocke chunked the symbolic white rock into the ocean. Take that Jacob.

Chew on this...
1. If Rose worked for Hurley's temp agency in LA sideways world then how did she and Hurley not recognize each other on island?
2. Where's Kate's number? What's her purpose on the island, after all she too was 'visited' by Jacob early in life.
3. Call me crazy but Smokey might be weakening. Illana said he's slowing down and is now stuck in Flocke. Could he become more human the longer he remains in human form? My mouth hit the floor when Flocke not only stumbled and fell in a Locke-like fashion, but he also yelled out 'Don't tell me what I can't do!' Locke, is that you??
4. Who was that toe-headed kid?!?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lost S6:3 - Rewind

What Kate Does - C

I gotta say, I was a little disappointed in this filler episode. And that's just what it was. Last week's kick-ass momentum came to a grinding halt this week while we were reminded right off the bat with What Kate Did (S2:9) to being teased with What Kate Does. And truth be told I still am not clear on what exactly Kate does except that she once again goes after someone who clearly says DO NOT COME AFTER ME. Oh, and we finally heard it, the 'Z' word. You know, ZOMBIES. You've got to be effing kidding me. And I totally heart Hurley for being the one to ask it.

And here's what else we noticed...

1. His name is Dogen. And he uses a freakin typewriter, has a baseball, and a really cool silver necklace that he can't stop playing with. I'm trying to make a baseball connection too but I've got nothin. Accept the Red Sox.

2. LA Kate is on the run and takes a pregnant Claire as her hostage - and then lets her go - and then picks her back up when she feels guilty for ditching her on the side of the road. Did anyone else laugh when Claire actually got back into the car with her? Seriously? She gets back into the car with the woman who held her at gunpoint just minutes earlier... wow.

3. Sawyer disregards the Dogen's ominous 'You have to stay' and then warns Kate 'Don't come after me'. Which of course she does, because after all these years she still hasn't learned that that never ends well. But it turns out that her mission to recover Sawyer was 2-fold. The other fold being to help Claire and get her back to Aaron. Just like in LA, where she is resolved to help Claire there also. The interconnectedness of the timelines fascinates me, for realz.
4. For what it's worth, the stuffed orca in Claire's bag was the same one that Aaron has at age 3 in Season 4 (see S4:10 Something Nice Back Home).

5. Poor Sayid is damned to a life of island torture whether it be by electro shock with Rousseau or Dogen master with the hot iron torch. Oh, I'm sorry, they weren't torturing him, they were diagnosing him.

6. Claire was warned by the Aussie psychic that she had to be the one to raise her baby (see S1:10 Raised by Another) and if it's not a plane crash that will maroon her with her baby then the powers that be are gonna try something else in the form of the adoptive parents falling through. Wrench #2, freaky Dr. Ethan is back but this time it's like the Looking Glass version as he's not a fan of filling her with drugs and sticking her with needles. My what a difference an island makes. And it looks like Kate is destined to be there when Aaron is born, island or not.

7. Our old friend Aldo was back. Last time we saw him he was kickin' it outside the Hydra Station reading A Brief History of Time (Why do I remember this stuff??) and then got it in the face with a rifle butt by Kate. It was kinda awesome.

8. Sawyer's grief scene was way more moving than Juliet's death scene. He liked her and was gonna put a ring on her. Wuh uh oh uh uh oh uh oh oh uh uh oh.

9. Sayid still baffles me. What and who is he? Is the 'darkness that grows in him' (so says Dogen master) like MIB and Smokey darkness or something more? It's the same darkness that filled Claire he said, which would make a little sense because after that scene where she blew up in the cabin in Othersville, she was never quite the same and even Miles was looking at her funny-like. Then she took off in the night, abandoning her baby, only to resurface in Jacob's cabin with Daddy Christian, giggling like she'd had one too many Dharma beers. The zombie count is rising - Locke, Claire, Sayid, Christian... And PS, Zombie Claire is a great shot.

10. Was it just me or was gun toting Claire looking an awful lot like Rousseau from back in the day?

11. I'm starting to like Island Jack all over again. He's been humbled to the bone and the kid's got balls. Like screw you and your freaky little pill kind of balls because really, he has nothing left to lose. God love him.

Chew on this...
1. What if Jacob isn't the good one. Think about it. What if our idea of who's good and who's bad is completely backward? From Smokey as the security system, to the Others, Ben, MIB, Christian and more. I can't even wrap my brain around it, ouch.
2. What is the deal with THE LIST!? Why did Sawyer's leaving freak out Dogen Master and his hippie side-kick so?
3. Where is the Sun-Jin reunion??
4. What was Aldo's friend trying to say when he talking about the trap and how the French lady'd been dead 'for years'? What up with Aldo's reaction to that?

Here's hoping for a faster pace next week.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost S6:1 - Rewind

With a Smoke Monster like vengeance Team Darlton kicked our ashes last night. In mere minutes we were punched in the face with a whole new type of time tripping: Welcome to the flash side-ways. I have to admit, I didn't see that one coming. The bomb went off. Check. They ended up back on flight 815. Check. They also ended up on present-day Lost island apres hatch explosion. Wha? Try to keep up.

Here's what we (I) learned:

1. They found their way back to 2004's flight 815. Kind of. It would seem that in this 'alternate reality' (through the looking glass) there are not only some some things familiar, like annoying Arnst, Frogurt, yummy Boone and druggie CHARLIE (tug), Jack saving the day, Kate in cuffs and Sawyer totally skeezed out, but there are some things different, like in-flight Desmond, missing Shannon, Jack only getting one bottle of booze and his dyslexic conversation with Rose, and Hurley the lucky millionaire. Whew.

2. They found their way back to present day 2007 Craphole Island, complete with Season 1's exploded hatch. Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Kate are finally in the same place (almost) and time as their fellow 316-er's and this time they've brought Sawyer, Jin and Miles with them.

3. Dead is dead. Jacob is dead. Locke is also dead. But Smokey is not dead. He is alive and kickin in the form of a fake Locke - Flocke, if you will. And Flocke is one bad mo fo. For realz. Flocke kicked Ageless Richard's butt and then threw him over his shoulder like a rag doll. And something about chains. Slaves in the Black Rock wore chains. Richard-chains-slaves, oh my...

4. Sorry you had to see me like that says bad-ass Terry O'Quinn as-Flocke-as-Smokey-and-Man-In-Black! Holy shiz. Smokey made a special appearance and beat the crap out of Illana's men and was, for an instant, deterred by a simple ring of ash.

5. Hurley cannot handle a gun to save his life but clearly it's time for him
to take charge. Ghost of Dead Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him to take Dead Sayid 'to The Temple'. When Richard took Ben to The Temple we found out that he would never be the same once he awoke. We'll keep that in our back pockets.

6. Juliet lived. And then died. Meh.

7. Sayid died. And then lived. Hurley spearheads the Temple trek with Sayid. There the new others - the Samurai looking fella and his hippy sidekick (oh, and flight attendant Cindy and 2 the kiddos from the original flight 815!) - jump at the Jacob card and warn against the dangers of a temple-water revitalization for Sayid. The impact and shock factor of the whole drowning scene was reminiscent of Locke's death-by-Ben back in season 5. And like Locke he had to die. So that he could come back.

8. Ankh! Ankh! There was a ginormous ankh in the guitar case that was
given to Hurley by Jacob. It was huge. And for the record - my co-workers can confirm - that the ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for 'eternal life'. Continued themes of afterlife and purgatory or almost too much to bare.

8. Jack gives Locke hope. I know, crazy. But in 815 world - the sideways world - Jack and Locke share a moving scene in LAX where Jack redeems himself slightly and takes pity on a hopeless Locke by telling him that 'nothing's irreversible'. Them's some powerful words Doc. And they brought Locke hope.

'LA X'. Thank you Darlton for that easter egg that now makes almost sense. The implications of the title of this season's opener began to sink in a full 24 hours later. A nod to the original destination city of 815 while implying that somethings are a bit... off.

Chew on this...
1. Why the subtle differences to the 2004 815-ers?
2. Is a Jin-Sun reunion happening soon?
3. Smokey as Christian Shepherd leading Claire to abandon Aaron to be taken off the island - Smokey as Claire warning Kate not to bring Aaron back to the island - Smokey doesn't want Aaron on the island WHY?
4. Smokey as Alex telling Ben to do anything that Flocke tells him to do which later led to the death of Jacob.
5. Shout out to co-worker James for calling attention to the way that Sayid says 'What happened?' when life once again found him. Could he be the new Jacob? If that's where this goes then huge props James.
6. Why did a finally dying Juliet say 'It worked'? WHAT WORKED?

There was so much in these 2 hours of goodness that it was impossible to hit it all. I like to think I got the highlights and I'm sad that I didn't even touch on all the Déjà vu moments that still have me dizzy. Seriously, who has time for all that? But this much I know.
Of this, we can be certain... We're in for a hell of a season folks.