Sunday, February 21, 2010

Late checking In

I'm stating up front that this is not a Lost post. Sorry friends but I thought I was past due to check in and I dunno, give an update on something other than Lost. Kinda like I used to do - see 2008 and the first half of 2009 postings. And speaking of Checking in, let me apologize to those of you for whom I have checked out (on). With little to no correspondence over the past few months, please know that you are not alone as there is a list of folks to whom I owe apologies and hugs - and Christmas gifts sadly. A sign of the times and my current conditions. Here's what's been going down...

1. Work continues to kick my ass daily. I love it but I've stopped kidding myself that there's an end in sight to the workload and chaos. My hectic schedule has me clocking more hours than I get paid for - something that can't be helped at this point. This often leaves me creatively tapped and too tired to do anything interesting enough to write about and for you to read about. Hence, Lost. I miss my misadventures with my fun friend and thank you thank you to my old friend Queen Kandis for hauling her sick ass up from Austin just to see me - and Barbie. Her 48 hour visit was too fast but sooo much appreciated.

2. Kevin received word that due to the trickle-down effect of the shitty economy and $300 million in education cuts in Indiana that he will not have his job in the fall. Unfortunately he was at the bottom of the seniority totem pole and when a Lawrence school closed, their business teachers needed a home. Sadly that meant that Kev got the boot. The levels of suckage are too many to count. He loves his job. Like really loves it, and he's damn good at it too. He found his niche and I watched him come to life when he started teaching and really, the kids need him as much as he needs them. I work with people who have been in education for many moons and not even they have seen it this bad. But you never know, I like to think that something will work out for him and it will be awesome. Right?

3. I have surgery in T-minus 5 days and counting. It has been almost 5 1/2 months since I tore ligaments in my left ankle and it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride of not healing. After months on crutches and physical therapy, I finally got the boot - literally - as a last-ditch effort to stave off the 'S' word. While said boot has slowed my butt down, it has also thrown my lower back and hips completely out of whack. I feel like I'm 80. My surgeon actually used the phrase at your age with me last week. At my age? MY age?!?! What the hell? It would seem that mother nature has yanked me cruely out of my age denying reverie only to slap me in the face with those 3 words: at your age. Apparently at my age it takes the body longer to heal as we become less inclined to listen to it due to perceived life obligations/commitments. See #1 above. Sprains don't heal as quickly as they did when we were 15. No shit doc.

Back to the slicing and dicing of my precious ankle on Thursday... I like to think that I will bounce back in a super human Wonder Woman like manner. Hell, I might not even need the pain meds (altho I will of course take them) and I've convinced only myself that I'll be back to work by the following Tuesday. It could happen. This is where my lack of surgical experience comes comes shining through. I've had my wisdom teeth out and that's it. I have absolutely no idea what to expect on the recovery side altho apparently people have been doing this surgery for years and survived to tell about it. Huh. So this lacking experience has me anxious as hell while I make grandiose recovery plans at the same time. That can't be good. On the upside, my mom is trekking it from D-town for the occasion and between you and me that is the only reason why I'm looking forward to Thursday. Well, that and the 5 day work-free forecast that follows. But seriously, my mom is quite the commodity in my family and getting her all to myself for that stretch of time, uninterrupted is like Christmas all over. Christmas with a suitcase full of girlie movies and all my favorite recipes - holla! I will milk it for as long as humanly possible.

4. My name is Schovillova and it has been almost 5 1/2 months since my last real yoga class. By 'real' I mean one where I was a happy pain-free participant. One where I was could be present and actually do the poses. And breathe. It's been about that long

since I was able to do that with ease as well. It's like someone telling you that you can't go to church. Or maybe you can go and hang out in the entrance, or listen to the music from outside the door, but ultimately, no gimps allowed. It sounds dramatic. I know this. But to me, that's how it feels. I continued to teach my classes for a few months post injury which probably didn't help my rocky road to non-recovery. I know this too. I had to try. Had to go and at least be there. And I went and found my modifications and did an awful lot of 'do as I say, not as I don't do' kinda tactics. At least it was something for a while, but just not the same. The last class I taught was on December 17. For the record.

But I am hopeful that I will make a ground-breaking recovery and will be back to teaching/taking again in a matter of months... In the words of my mom I just have to 'suck it up and behave (like an adult).' This time I'm listening.

5. My porch. My happy place is also on its road to recovery. After being struck by a drunk driver at 4 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon last April, the infamous front porch has finally been almost 100% restored to its original grandeur. The upstairs front part of the house hung out on stilts (toothpicks) for 2 1/2 months in the fall during peak fall front porch weather. That too took its toll but spring = front porch season and both are just around the corner. Something tells me these two factors will be key to my recovery and you can bet that when the new porch is officially ready for its grand re-opening, there will be more pictures and it will be glorious.

6. Pitchers and catchers reported last week. Even with snowfall again on the horizon I find myself looking past it and into spring and warm summer months.

7. Number 7 is for those things left un-typed. Those which fall into the category that I often struggle with in my own little blogosphere... How much information is too much? And don't fret friends cuz they're just things and really, things aren't so bad.

See? There's hope. On a global scale my above happenings aren't even blips but they're blips to us and they're life. I'll let you know how Slice-n-Dice Thursday goes. Maybe they'll give me a video of the procedure or something. That would be cool. Until then.

Cau for now.


jt said...

Oh dearest, it's good that you've come here to give us the brain dump. I've missed you! I can't believe you are finally having surgery and still are dealing with that. Hopefully it will be all clear once Thursday comes.

And the porch will mend not only the foot, but the soul (I about wrote sole...but it was too punny).

I am with you on springtime. I find that this grey haze that's hung over this city turns me into a hermit crab, hiding out in my shell.

Sucks about Kevin's job. Hopefully whatever the next step may be, it's bigger and better for him and you as well.

anyways, i send you many good vibes and one day soon you and I will catch up over lots of wine.

Queen Kandis said...

Put Chasing Liberty on the post-surgery movie itinerary and you'll be recovered in no time. AND you'll be a huge Matthew Goode fan. Tell your mom hi!

Sorry to hear about Kevin's job. Hope he finds a cool new school soon.

Can't wait to come see you again when I'm not sick and the weather is great so I can sit on your porch and make your crippled ass bring me umbrella drinks!