Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost S6:1 - Rewind

With a Smoke Monster like vengeance Team Darlton kicked our ashes last night. In mere minutes we were punched in the face with a whole new type of time tripping: Welcome to the flash side-ways. I have to admit, I didn't see that one coming. The bomb went off. Check. They ended up back on flight 815. Check. They also ended up on present-day Lost island apres hatch explosion. Wha? Try to keep up.

Here's what we (I) learned:

1. They found their way back to 2004's flight 815. Kind of. It would seem that in this 'alternate reality' (through the looking glass) there are not only some some things familiar, like annoying Arnst, Frogurt, yummy Boone and druggie CHARLIE (tug), Jack saving the day, Kate in cuffs and Sawyer totally skeezed out, but there are some things different, like in-flight Desmond, missing Shannon, Jack only getting one bottle of booze and his dyslexic conversation with Rose, and Hurley the lucky millionaire. Whew.

2. They found their way back to present day 2007 Craphole Island, complete with Season 1's exploded hatch. Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Kate are finally in the same place (almost) and time as their fellow 316-er's and this time they've brought Sawyer, Jin and Miles with them.

3. Dead is dead. Jacob is dead. Locke is also dead. But Smokey is not dead. He is alive and kickin in the form of a fake Locke - Flocke, if you will. And Flocke is one bad mo fo. For realz. Flocke kicked Ageless Richard's butt and then threw him over his shoulder like a rag doll. And something about chains. Slaves in the Black Rock wore chains. Richard-chains-slaves, oh my...

4. Sorry you had to see me like that says bad-ass Terry O'Quinn as-Flocke-as-Smokey-and-Man-In-Black! Holy shiz. Smokey made a special appearance and beat the crap out of Illana's men and was, for an instant, deterred by a simple ring of ash.

5. Hurley cannot handle a gun to save his life but clearly it's time for him
to take charge. Ghost of Dead Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him to take Dead Sayid 'to The Temple'. When Richard took Ben to The Temple we found out that he would never be the same once he awoke. We'll keep that in our back pockets.

6. Juliet lived. And then died. Meh.

7. Sayid died. And then lived. Hurley spearheads the Temple trek with Sayid. There the new others - the Samurai looking fella and his hippy sidekick (oh, and flight attendant Cindy and 2 the kiddos from the original flight 815!) - jump at the Jacob card and warn against the dangers of a temple-water revitalization for Sayid. The impact and shock factor of the whole drowning scene was reminiscent of Locke's death-by-Ben back in season 5. And like Locke he had to die. So that he could come back.

8. Ankh! Ankh! There was a ginormous ankh in the guitar case that was
given to Hurley by Jacob. It was huge. And for the record - my co-workers can confirm - that the ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for 'eternal life'. Continued themes of afterlife and purgatory or almost too much to bare.

8. Jack gives Locke hope. I know, crazy. But in 815 world - the sideways world - Jack and Locke share a moving scene in LAX where Jack redeems himself slightly and takes pity on a hopeless Locke by telling him that 'nothing's irreversible'. Them's some powerful words Doc. And they brought Locke hope.

'LA X'. Thank you Darlton for that easter egg that now makes almost sense. The implications of the title of this season's opener began to sink in a full 24 hours later. A nod to the original destination city of 815 while implying that somethings are a bit... off.

Chew on this...
1. Why the subtle differences to the 2004 815-ers?
2. Is a Jin-Sun reunion happening soon?
3. Smokey as Christian Shepherd leading Claire to abandon Aaron to be taken off the island - Smokey as Claire warning Kate not to bring Aaron back to the island - Smokey doesn't want Aaron on the island WHY?
4. Smokey as Alex telling Ben to do anything that Flocke tells him to do which later led to the death of Jacob.
5. Shout out to co-worker James for calling attention to the way that Sayid says 'What happened?' when life once again found him. Could he be the new Jacob? If that's where this goes then huge props James.
6. Why did a finally dying Juliet say 'It worked'? WHAT WORKED?

There was so much in these 2 hours of goodness that it was impossible to hit it all. I like to think I got the highlights and I'm sad that I didn't even touch on all the Déjà vu moments that still have me dizzy. Seriously, who has time for all that? But this much I know.
Of this, we can be certain... We're in for a hell of a season folks.

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jt said...

The whole episode left me emotionally drained and confused, as usual.

I just can't even get into all the layers of it. It's too much.

But I agree - this season is going to be a mindfuck.