Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lost S6:3 - Rewind

What Kate Does - C

I gotta say, I was a little disappointed in this filler episode. And that's just what it was. Last week's kick-ass momentum came to a grinding halt this week while we were reminded right off the bat with What Kate Did (S2:9) to being teased with What Kate Does. And truth be told I still am not clear on what exactly Kate does except that she once again goes after someone who clearly says DO NOT COME AFTER ME. Oh, and we finally heard it, the 'Z' word. You know, ZOMBIES. You've got to be effing kidding me. And I totally heart Hurley for being the one to ask it.

And here's what else we noticed...

1. His name is Dogen. And he uses a freakin typewriter, has a baseball, and a really cool silver necklace that he can't stop playing with. I'm trying to make a baseball connection too but I've got nothin. Accept the Red Sox.

2. LA Kate is on the run and takes a pregnant Claire as her hostage - and then lets her go - and then picks her back up when she feels guilty for ditching her on the side of the road. Did anyone else laugh when Claire actually got back into the car with her? Seriously? She gets back into the car with the woman who held her at gunpoint just minutes earlier... wow.

3. Sawyer disregards the Dogen's ominous 'You have to stay' and then warns Kate 'Don't come after me'. Which of course she does, because after all these years she still hasn't learned that that never ends well. But it turns out that her mission to recover Sawyer was 2-fold. The other fold being to help Claire and get her back to Aaron. Just like in LA, where she is resolved to help Claire there also. The interconnectedness of the timelines fascinates me, for realz.
4. For what it's worth, the stuffed orca in Claire's bag was the same one that Aaron has at age 3 in Season 4 (see S4:10 Something Nice Back Home).

5. Poor Sayid is damned to a life of island torture whether it be by electro shock with Rousseau or Dogen master with the hot iron torch. Oh, I'm sorry, they weren't torturing him, they were diagnosing him.

6. Claire was warned by the Aussie psychic that she had to be the one to raise her baby (see S1:10 Raised by Another) and if it's not a plane crash that will maroon her with her baby then the powers that be are gonna try something else in the form of the adoptive parents falling through. Wrench #2, freaky Dr. Ethan is back but this time it's like the Looking Glass version as he's not a fan of filling her with drugs and sticking her with needles. My what a difference an island makes. And it looks like Kate is destined to be there when Aaron is born, island or not.

7. Our old friend Aldo was back. Last time we saw him he was kickin' it outside the Hydra Station reading A Brief History of Time (Why do I remember this stuff??) and then got it in the face with a rifle butt by Kate. It was kinda awesome.

8. Sawyer's grief scene was way more moving than Juliet's death scene. He liked her and was gonna put a ring on her. Wuh uh oh uh uh oh uh oh oh uh uh oh.

9. Sayid still baffles me. What and who is he? Is the 'darkness that grows in him' (so says Dogen master) like MIB and Smokey darkness or something more? It's the same darkness that filled Claire he said, which would make a little sense because after that scene where she blew up in the cabin in Othersville, she was never quite the same and even Miles was looking at her funny-like. Then she took off in the night, abandoning her baby, only to resurface in Jacob's cabin with Daddy Christian, giggling like she'd had one too many Dharma beers. The zombie count is rising - Locke, Claire, Sayid, Christian... And PS, Zombie Claire is a great shot.

10. Was it just me or was gun toting Claire looking an awful lot like Rousseau from back in the day?

11. I'm starting to like Island Jack all over again. He's been humbled to the bone and the kid's got balls. Like screw you and your freaky little pill kind of balls because really, he has nothing left to lose. God love him.

Chew on this...
1. What if Jacob isn't the good one. Think about it. What if our idea of who's good and who's bad is completely backward? From Smokey as the security system, to the Others, Ben, MIB, Christian and more. I can't even wrap my brain around it, ouch.
2. What is the deal with THE LIST!? Why did Sawyer's leaving freak out Dogen Master and his hippie side-kick so?
3. Where is the Sun-Jin reunion??
4. What was Aldo's friend trying to say when he talking about the trap and how the French lady'd been dead 'for years'? What up with Aldo's reaction to that?

Here's hoping for a faster pace next week.

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Queen Kandis said...

I assumed the "Rousseau" has been dead for years was because we're supposed to be 3 years in the future and she was killed before (or right after) they left the island?
Right now Jack is the only thing I'm liking about the island. Otherwise, I prefer alternate universe world.