Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lost S6:4 - Rewind

S6:4 - The Substitute - B+

Tuesday night we got a lota Lockes - 3 to be precise - and our favorite friend Terry O'Quinn deserves an Emmy, maybe 3. And, thanks to Terry and episode 4, we can safely say that the last season of our beloved show has officially begun. There was so much substance to 'The Substitute' that I couldn't possibly hit all the goodness that was gifted to us. In true Lost form we got a few juicy answers and a butt-load more questions, but I'm confident in Team Darlton and when it's all said and done it will be delivered in one mind blowing package with a big red bow. I can't wait.

But for now, here's what learned:

Helen lives. Holla! So happy to see Peg, I mean Helen again, and she and Locke are together in engaged bliss in our LA timeline. Awesome. Not only that, but Locke's dad (the reason for Helen and Locke's original demise) is on the guest list - wow. If memory serves, Locke's bio dad - Cooper - was responsible for the death of Sawyer's parents in 1976 and Jughead went kaboom in 1977. Is Locke's dad to whom Helen refers actually Cooper or could Locke have been raised by an other? Foster dad that is. It's worth mentioning too how refreshing Locke's leap of faith was when he attempted to land his wheelchair dismount and instead ended up face-down in a bed of sprinklers. Instead of laying their defeated like 815-er Locke would have, our LA sideways world Locke just laughed. My what a difference the love of a good woman can make.

Ageless Richard lives! Again, another happy surprise to see Richard fall out of that Rousseau-esque trap. But I have to say that this new lost Richard is a bit unsettling. All these years Richard (and Ben) have been our constants and seemed like they always just knew and had a plan, but now, all bets are off and they're as lost as we are. Yikes.

Randy Nations is a huge douche. And he fired Locke for turning a company trip into a personal vacation walkabout style. Rightly so. But still, Randy Nations really is a douche.

A Rose by any other name. LA Rose may be terminally ill but that doesn't stop her from telling it like it is. Turns out she not only works for Hurley in LA sideways world but she is also the one who finds Locke a job that he can do. I love that she doesn't fall for his 'Don't tell me I can't' bullshit. She's like, 'Hey man, I have terminal cancer and this is what I can do so simmer down.' Snap.

Man of Science. It's official, in the LA sideways world, Locke is now a man of science - a biology substitute. Icing on the cake - Benjamin Linus as the uptight European History teacher. Perfect.

Ashes to ashes. Illana takes a bag full of Jacob's ashes and heads to the temple. Interesting. We know that ashes are what protect folks from our friend Smokey so.... I got nothing.

Locke and Boone, together at last. So glad that Locke was at least reunited with his old 815-er friends on Boone Hill where he was buried with the likes of Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Steve, Stupid Paolo and Nikki and more. The sight of Locke 6-feet down being covered with dirt was surreal. And I really did believe Ben meant it when he said that he was truly sorry that he'd murdered Locke. A funny, but crucial line.

Team Flocke? Sawyer has told the temple folk - and Ageless Richard - to shove it and is now officially on Team Flocke. He's not sure who/what exactly he's following, but he knows it's not old Locke. And whoever it is, he has a) confidence, and b) answers. And for the record, I don't believe Sawyer for a second when he aligns himself with Flocke. Here's hoping for a final long con.

The island wants YOU to be it's leader. And it wants you in this order:
4: John Locke
8: Hurley
15: Sawyer
16: Sayid
23: Jack
42: Kwon - Sun or Jin?
And here is where I state the obvious - What about Kate? Thoughts?

Jacob just had a thing for numbers. I call bullshit. There's method to the number madness and Flocke knows what it is and he ain't tellin.

When in doubt choose C. Flocke gave Sawyer 3 options: a) Sawyer could do nothing and see how the island happenings unfold. Maybe even get his name crossed off 'the list'. b) He could take a stab at being island protector (again I call bullshit when he said there's nothing to protect the island from). Or c) Go home, which is what Smokey wants to do. Sawyer chose C. Again, his motives are questionable.

Ebony and Ivory. Almost forgot to mention, we were punched in the face with yet another illusion to good-v-evil, black and white. The stones on the balanced scale were there (WHY!?) and in a move that shouted 'EFF THE RULES!' Flocke chunked the symbolic white rock into the ocean. Take that Jacob.

Chew on this...
1. If Rose worked for Hurley's temp agency in LA sideways world then how did she and Hurley not recognize each other on island?
2. Where's Kate's number? What's her purpose on the island, after all she too was 'visited' by Jacob early in life.
3. Call me crazy but Smokey might be weakening. Illana said he's slowing down and is now stuck in Flocke. Could he become more human the longer he remains in human form? My mouth hit the floor when Flocke not only stumbled and fell in a Locke-like fashion, but he also yelled out 'Don't tell me what I can't do!' Locke, is that you??
4. Who was that toe-headed kid?!?


Queen Kandis said...

Sideways LA is totally different. (Like Ethan being a doctor along about the time he would have been kidnapping Claire from the rape caves?) Hurley is "the luckiest guy alive", remember? He also seems to take a much more active role in his various business than he did before. Wasn't he surprised in first season flash-backs to know he even owned a box company? So maybe Sideways LA's Hurley and Rose are good buds.

EricSchoville said...

What is a deutsch? A German? Do you mean douche?

Schovillova said...

Bro-in-law, it figures you would know the spelling. But maybe I don't like the word 'douche' and prefer to call him a 'deutsch'. Don't be such a deutsch.