Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lost S6:5 - Rewind

Lighthouse - B-
After a first viewing of this episode, my instinct was to give it a good, solid B+. But after a second (and ok, a third) viewing, I decidedly stripped it of its plus and threw on the minus due to its lack of effect on my blip-o-meter. Yes, I have a blip-o-meter and throughout 'Lighthouse' it looked like this:
Here's why:
At first blip. See that first blip? The big one at the beginning? That was right around the time that we made the big reveal of the night: Jack has a very grown son in sideways world. Math check - Sideways world is 2004, David-son-of-Jack is in junior high, no way is the baby mama Sarah. And really, I don't care who she is - unless somehow it's Juliet or something. That would be cool.

Love child. Claire is still Daddy Christian's love child in sideways world. Meh.

Scars don't lie. Sideways Jack still had his appendix out but it was about 30 years earlier than post 815 crash. Weird.

Hurley's in with the in-crowd. Hurley continues to be Jacob's puppet and man does it piss Jack off. Jacob gives Hurley so many instructions this time that he has to write it all down on his freakin ARM. And Jacob's got Jack's number -literally. He knew that all it would take were those 5 magic words: You have what it takes. That's like telling old-school Locke You really are special. Next thing you know, poor broken Jack is in, no questions asked. And PS, Hurley lied to a samari.

I spy another Lostie. The way that our Losties are wondering around the jungle in their own little cliques is really disconcerting. No one is living together so I fear that they are all on the path to dying alone - NOOOOOOO! When Jack and Hurley ran into Kate I thought for sure she'd do the whole tag-a-long thing but this time not so much. She's got an agenda of her own and it doesn't include Jacob, it includes Claire and she's hell-bent on finding her. Girl better watch out cause Claire's hell-bent on finding her too.

I spy Adam and Eve. Put on your Lost time machines and travel back to season one, episode 6 - House of the Rising Sun, when our old friends Jack and Kate stumbled across what they called 'our very own Adam and Eve'. In this episode, Jack took a trip down memory lane and thanks to Team Darlton, we were once again reminded that Adam and Eve are still a huge part of the story. What part? I dunno. But they were brought back out for a reason and I say message received guys, thanks. And I'm letting my geek flag fly here by pointing out that S6 Adam and Eve are not in the same position as S1 Adam and Eve. Six seasons later they are found lying together instead of separately. Hmmmm. Did Jack bring the stones back on his return trek? Best line of the night: What if we time-traveled again to dinosaur times and we died and got buried here? What if the skeletons are us? I totally heart Hurley.

Claire's gone rogue. Claire was separated from baby Aaron and has gone island crazy in a way that only Rousseau could understand and appreciate. Her snarling lips and gleaming eyes had me laughing out loud but the girl won cool points when she impaled Other Justin with her rusty ax. That was awesome. She's also become quite the surgeon with the mad skills she showed in sewing up poor Jin after his run-in with one of her traps. She's been on the run from the Others while hunting them at the same time, all in pursuit of Aaron, you know, the baby she walked away from in the middle of the night 3 years ago? Apparently the infection has messed with her brain and now has her on a rampage trying to recover her son with the help of her good friend Flocke.

108 degrees of separation. I really feel like the whole lighthouse component could have been so much cooler. I mean first, a lighthouse on the island that no one has seen? Really? And maybe Hurley was right, maybe we didn't see it because we weren't really looking for it. Whatever. As soon as I saw the degrees with the corresponding names, yes, I got a blip. But then with all the scenes reflecting in the mirrors - Jack's boy hood home, Sawyer's parents' church, blah blah - and then Jack going and smashing it all to pieces in one of his old school fits, I was like REALLY!?!? Just when we thought all was lost, Jacob appeared while Jack was off sulking and was like, don't worry man, it'll work. Whoever will be here will be here. Please let them be someone we know.

Welcome all Candidates. At David's auditions for the 'Williams Conservatory' Jack was smacked in the face with a sign that welcomed 'all candidates'. Nice.

Daddy Dogen is that you? It would seem that Dogen is a daddy in sideways world too and I thought this was kinda cool. Why's he there? To remind sideways Jack and us of what a shitty father he is. He had no clue that his son could even play like that. Fun fact, the Chopin piece that David was performing was the same one that Daniel played in his flashback back in season 5 (see S5:14 The Variable). I don't know why I know this stuff or what it means sadly.

Just Jack. By episode's end Sideways Jack redeemed himself as a father. He spoke the words to his son that his own father would never speak to him and in doing so, he was healed. Fixed. Island Jack searches for the same peace and to be fixed. But apparently he's gotta look out at the ocean for a while.

Chew on this:
1. Who's 'Wallace'? Is that who's coming to the island? Wallace was the name listed to 108 on the dial but it was crossed out so what the eff?
2. Ok, ok, so I'm a little curious as to the identity of sideways Jack's baby mama.
3. What was Jacob pouring into the Temple water?
4. These two are on their way to The Temple. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

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