Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Bono-Vedder Cocktail

It's like a trinity. If Bono was God, then Eddie Vedder would be Jesus.
- Frankie, Dream for an Insomniac

By the way, in that movie the Holy Spirit is Frank Sinatra but I digress...

Believe me when I say that stumbling across a playlist of U2's 'Under a Blood Red Sky' shuffled with Pearl Jam's 'Backspacer' is one of my happiest accidents of 2010. Granted, it's only mid-March, but I first heard this decade-spanning goodness on January 1. I was sipping on my Kettle One, up & dirty in the bar at Naked Chopstix when my ears tuned into the voices of two of my greats - Bono and Vedder. And I admit, I was so distracted by their timeless voices that have evoked butterflies in my tummy for decades, that it took me a while before I realized that I was bouncing back and forth between just that - decades. 1984 and 2009 to be exact.

I was intrigued. Confession #2: I hadn't listened to 'Under a Blood Red Sky' as a full album in like 10 years. Maybe more. Maybe not since I snagged the cassette tape from my sister in junior high and later denied it profusely. Early 90's at least. Have always loved it though. And then there's Backspacer. Pearl Jam's most recent release from September 2009. Post-Bush era so it had to be good. The first song I heard from that album was Just Breathe. Gave me goosebumps. It was like velvety smooth yum. I had to have it. Could not wait to hear the rest of the album. With a limited release I was happy to have it in my hot little clutches.

I listened once. Twice. And then thought 'meh'. I found myself under the spell of Vedder's hypnotic vocal stylings - timeless - as he crooned Just Breathe and The End. But I found myself unable to be swept away by the rest of the punky little tunes like Gonna See My Friend and Got Some. I liked them. Didn't love them. Until now. Now, I've found Backspacer's missing piece. Or the bartender at Naked Chopstix did. Props brother. That magical shuffle has played a 100 times at least, throughout my house on gray days, in my car on sunny ones, and even for my own little ears at work - Dear co-workers, this is the reason for my half smile and dreamy look as I crunch out metrics and budget numbers at my desk. It's not the pain meds, I swear.

But seriously, you should try it.

80's Bono + 21st century Vedder = greatness.

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