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Lost S6:8 - Rewind

S6:8 - Recon - B-
The title of this episode had me believing that it would be more about recon as in reconnaissance. But I was wrong. Instead we were treated to another filler with less action, a lot of cameo's, and a whole bunch of cons. And re-cons. And re-cons. Not the best one of the season but certainly not the worst. You'll have to forgive my lack of pictures for this recap, there just wasn't enough time. Or wine. Bummer.

Son of bitch: Sawyer's first utterance of this episode was also Juliet's last before she and Jughead both blew - Son of a bitch. It was also what he uttered when at the end (yes I'm already at the end) of the episode his sideways self caught sideways hit-and-run Kate. Was it out of recognition of the 30 second elevator ride at the airport? A fleeting deja vu from another time-space continuum? Will we ever know?? In the opening scene I was happy to see him and Jin together still but creepy as hell to see them holed up at Claire's super creepy camp.

I was conned in the first 2 minutes. The Pigeon drop scene was the same one that we'd seen back in season 1 only this time it was a different kind of set up - Sawyer's a cop in sideways world. Didn't see that coming. And Miles is his sidekick - holla! Altho I gotta say that it was a little much for us to believe that part of the cop's job is to sleep with a married woman for the sake of a sting operation (or am I really that naive?). And the name Lafleur? Really guys? I dunno bout this...

Claire is totally effing creepy. And really effing crazy. Poor Kate. From the Jar Jar Binks road kill baby prop to the knife to the jugular and the half-baked look in Fayid's eyes, Kate knows she's not in Kansas anymore and has officially landed herself solidly in Camp Crazy. I laughed out loud (in disbelief) when Flocke planted a solid slap across Claire's crazy face. This is completely inappropriate says Flocke as he scolds crazy Claire like a child. Hilarious.

I'm the Smoke Man. Awesome. Just like that Flocke says it loud and proud and Sawyer doesn't even flinch. If someone had spoiled and announced a year ago that that's what we would find out at the end of the series I would have called total bull sh*t. And I refuse to believe that all Flocke wants to do is get off the damn island.

Charlotte = meh. I so did not care that Charlotte was the sideways blind date for LaFleur. I never liked her and still don't. She was totally digging around his drawer in search of something and then found his past, all nice and tidy, there for the looking. I'm surprised there wasn't a bow on it.

Not so super duper Cooper? I'd kinda thought that Locke's dad Cooper may not be all bad if he and sideways Locke have a happy sideways relationship but I was wrong. Sawyer may be a cop but he's still a little boy scorned on the inside over the death of his parents and who does he blame? Cooper of course. And that's why he went down under. Cop or not, he's hell bent on pay-backs.

Well hello Hydra Island. I was also unaffected by Sawyers's walk down memory lane, complete with the bear/sex cages and Kate's um, dress. That was just weird. Luckily things picked up when we saw the rotting Ajira flight corpses laid to rest in a pretty fly-infested pile and then enter the girl that played the roommate in the 1992 sleeper hit 'Singles'. Aka Zoe.

Recon. My thought: Sawyer was conned by Flocke to go over to Hydra Island. Flocke wanted Kate to himself for a spell and he also wanted to send Widmore a message. Then Sawyer was conned again by Zoe. I didn't buy her lone survivor story for a minute but I'd also completely let my guard down by forgetting that Widmore might be there too. Oops. Kev totally called it before I did. Just when I think that kid's not paying attention.... Sawyer's solution to all the conning business is to con Widmore into thinking he's delivering Flocke and then to con Flocke into thinking that he's conning Widmore, which he is, but he's still conning the con con con con... Whatever. You get it.

Little House on the Prairie is what happens to people who don't have cable. Trust me. Oh, and Michael Landon might be somewhat of a mystic... Ya hear that? That's what life's all about. Laughin and lovin each other. And knowin that people we love aren't really gone when they die. We have all the laughter and memories to sustain us til we see them again. Message received Pa Engles and Darlton.

Flocke is pulling out all the stops to woo Kate. After he sends Sawyer across the pond to Memory Lane and then successfully saves Kate from crazy-ass Claire, he takes Kate to the beach for a view of where Sawyer is and then sits her down for a little heart to heart. He goes into a story which makes him sound more like our beloved lost Locke and less like a stack of smokey homicidal mania. Could Smokey be able to pull from Locke's own memories, complete with crazy mom? Kate's decision to not take Locke's hand when he offers her help to stand is an indication (I think) that she's still not committed to a team.

Introducing the Subbies. Or Team Widmore. Or what the hell ever I'm so sick of new people! The sonar fences that Widmore is setting up leads me to believe that he and Smokey aren't on the same team. But I also don't think he and Jacob are on the same team so.... What gives?

Sawyer is a Class 'S' driver. S as in sub that is. The closing scene with Sawyer back safely on a beach with his old friend Kate was almost comforting to see. But then he had to go and blow it by going where I'd hoped he wouldn't and said that they're not taking a plane off the island (thank God because that would have put me over the top, them not only fixing the damn thing but flying it too?), they're taking the sub off the island. Um, that makes me feel suffocated like I'm drowning just thinking about a total novice driving a getaway sub. But who knows, maybe he'll con someone with the know-how into doing it. That would definitely make me feel better.

So that's all I got. I know I missed huge chunks but time was not my friend this past week, I gotta say. I'll try to be better with tomorrow's Lovely Lashed Alpert episode as I'm hoping for a butt-load of reveals and answers. Did you hear that Darlton? We want butt-loads.

PS - Yes, I totally noticed that unlike anyone else this season, Sawyer took the time to destroy his mirror image. His looking glass self (Jack's temper tantrum at the light house wasn't quite the same). His badge in sideways world is not enough to keep him on the straight and narrow. Some things just can't be helped. Oh, and shout out to Charlie's Liam who'd come to bail his baby brother out of LA jail. Cute.

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