Sunday, June 20, 2010

2 cute shoes

See there? Count 'em, one-two. As in shoes. As in cute shoes even. Not only that but they even had a little heel to them - just don't tell my mom. Definite progress. And in case you're wondering the toe nail polish is called 'Nicole Alert!' no lie. It was just one of the fantastic elements to a summer care package sent to me by my good friend Queen Kandis (who by the way is worse at updating her blog than I am). Other elements to my care package: a Wonder Woman recycling bag that reads Save the Earth, a Virgin Mary bracelet, sunglasses, and a book that I'm about to crack open - Going in Circles. Yes, an excellent care package to be sure sent by an excellent friend. And speaking of excellent friends, a few days before Kandis's package arrived I got a little card (it really was little) from Jamaica (the excellent friend not the excellent island) that had a tiny little gold charm that simply read breathe. And I did. I'm lucky to have them and all the rest of you. And for the record there was no dancing in my 2 cute shoes. Just the white man's groove, you know the one where your feet stay planted but the rest of your body kinda rocks back and forth to the music, occasionally lifting my drink in a silent toast to the smooth vocal stylings of my neighbor Nazeeha and her equally smooth band Kool's Bazaar.
I went on a retreat of sorts a few weeks ago - The Byron Fellowship. It was a week in the wilderness at Turkey Run. The days were long but they were full of hiking, awesome lectures, and well, fellowship. There were no meetings and calendars, no desks and computers (except for a wee little bit at night when it was all said and done), no phones to be answered. Me and my freshly hatched-from-the-boot ankle and I spent the week in tennis shoes, taking it slow, bringing up the rear of the pack as we splashed through rivers and hiked canyons and studied nature's handiwork up-close. We even made it to the Amish farms. It was awesome.

Race Weekend 2010 did not disappoint. The usual shenanigans ensued and I'm beginning to think that Kev and his friends really will never grow out of it. So far it's still endearing for the most part. The females did not represent well this year as they seem to be a dying breed on Race Day. Sad. But still, there was fun to be had. The bus this year had a tap on the outside of it so we could still have the keg on the bus while being able to refill our morning frosty beverages with little effort from the outside. Genius. Unfortunately there wasn't enough beer in the state of Indiana that could beat the heat that day. Seriously it was the hottest day of my life and that's saying a lot coming from a girl from Texas.

After that the beginning of June brought me back to the studio. More healing. I may have been a little ambitious starting back with yoga as I found that even with the modifications my ankle was still sore for a few days. But never fear, the mat classes have served as an almost comparable substitute. At this point it just feels good to be doing something. Anything. It feels good to be back on the other side of the door and to see the faces of some of my favorite people. They've all been supportive in my slow healing process and seem just as anxious to have me back at the front of the room as I am to get there. It's truly awesome and again I say that place is my church. I am lucky to have it.

My summer camp started back last week. I love that I can still say that after so many happy moons spent at one growing up. I can still say I have a 6-week summer camp to look forward to. This one is a sh*t-ton more work but at least it has air conditioning. It takes about 9 months to plan and a team of people to run it, but once it gets going we all breathe a little easier. One week down, five to go. It's a camp that does its best to target the lower income neighborhood kids, kids who otherwise would never have an opportunity to have the museum as their classroom and their playground. These kids that come in all shapes and sizes and colors and from all backgrounds. It's priced at $5 a week due to grants and it's not expected to generate much revenue. My biggest fear is that one day that will change and people will look at it and wonder why we don't charge more for a camp that others would be willing to pay more to go to. But that's not the point of this camp. Not yet. I hope that day never comes.

Yep, another busy summer is upon us. In 11 days I leave for the digs. I can't wait.

Other things of note:
- My in-laws have officially left Texas. Sad and exciting. A (really fun) chapter closes and a new one begins.
- The Rangers are still in first and have had 8 straight road wins. Word up.
- I'm not sure which is harder to fathom, the fact that it's been 62 days and 125+million gallons into the ocean since the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico blew, or the fact that yesterday BP's CEO Tony Hayward took a break from overseeing the crisis to watch his yacht in a race. Both are incomprehensible.
- Lost is officially over. Epic blogging fail on my part but for the record, I loved the finale. One day I might even tell you why.
- I'm on my porch. There's a cool breeze and my hangover is almost gone. Like Hank Williams Jr. said, they hurt more than they used to. That's what 2 cute shoes got me last night but it was totally worth it.

Cau for now.