Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Do It

Go ahead, give it up. There's plenty more where it came from. If you're healthy, not pregnant, and haven't gotten a tattoo in the past 12 months, then you really have no excuse and here's why...

10. Free stuff. Not only can you accrue 'donor points' for anything from t-shirts to gardening tools, but there are also days where you can get free movie vouchers, football tickets and restaurant gift certificates, just for showing up. My work took it to a whole new level last week - All staff donors were entered to win a trip to Denver. I'm not saying that's why I showed up that day to give but it helped.

9. It's easy. If your work doesn't organize drives then it's still easy to find out all the where's and when's. Look online for the nearest place to donate your precious red stuff.

8. It's an excuse. That box? Oh, sorry, I can't lift it because I just gave blood. Or, No, I don't think I can make it to that meeting later or class tonight, I just gave blood and I should probably just go home and rest.

7. Juice and cookies. There's something comforting about being made to sit at the table until you've finished all your juice and cookies. You look a little pale hun, have another cookie...

6. Missing work. If I donate at work I get to carve an hour at least out of my day. If I walk to the center up the street from my work then it's 1 1/2 -2 hours. Either way it's time away from my desk.

5. Eat more spinach. It keeps you aware of your iron levels. Right there on the spot, a tiny little prick of the finger will tell you whether or not you need to ditch the pizza and go for a nice spinach salad for lunch.

4. Accountability. You can check your cholesterol, temperature, hemoglobin, blood pressure and pulse all online within one week of donating. Why is this cool? Becuase I can go back and look at where my levels were every time I've given blood so it totally keeps me in check. For example, when I looked at my levels from last week's donation, I saw that my cholesterol had shot up almost 40 points (to 175) since my last appointment - ACK! I'd like to blame it on the 10 days I spent out in South Dakota, where I ate more red meat than I typically do in one calendar year, but still. And while 175 is still in the 'desirable' range, it was just what I needed to hit the hot yoga class tonight, followed by a big 'ol spinach salad. On the upside, for once my iron levels were way high (for me) thanks to my red meat mania. Riveting, right?

3. O+. You learn your blood type.

2. It extends lives. Regular transfusions gave Grammie 3 extra years. That was enough time for me to move back from Prague to spend time with her and for her to meet, hold and play with her great-granddaughter.

1. It saves lives. Duh.

Cau for now.