Saturday, August 14, 2010


Sorry Mark, as much as I know you really wanted to add 'Become Baseball Team Owner' to your list of things to do, you being such a big fan of the sport and all, sadly, you were out-bid by one of the most prolific names in all of baseball - this guy...

Hey Nolan, congrats on an amazing victory. The Texas Rangers are finally yours and you totally deserve them and they deserve you.

After spending more than half of their division-leading season in bankruptcy court and being dangled like bate to anyone with money - that means you Mr. Cuban - it was Ryan and Greenburg that came out on top. We learned first hand from Texas billionaire Tom Hicks (grrr) and even Dubya (I repeat, grrr) that money can't buy you everything, even a winning team. After a decade of having one of the highest payrolls in baseball (not to mention doling out millions to players who were no longer on the team - A-Rod, wha??) and not even a playoff game to show for it, my beloved Rangers have finally come full circle. In 2008 Nolan came back to the pack as President of the team and by 2010 they have remained comfortable in first place in the AL West almost from the outset of the season. Oh, and their payroll? Go ahead, see for yourself.

So finally, the team has returned to the people, and judging from recent attendance, the people have returned to the team. Will I make it to a game before the season's out? I doubt it but there's always hope. For those of you that do make it to a game - or 10 - enjoy your newly reduced priced dogs, beers and parking. And don't forget to thank your new team owners.

Oh, and Mr. Ryan or Greenburg, if you're listening, can you please see about getting live audio stream of the games for us fans that aren't in D-town?

Thanks and cau for now.

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