Monday, September 20, 2010

Pumpkin Spice Blahtte

Pay no mind to this 90 degree late September Monday because according to the Starbucks calendar it's Fall ya'll. And what does Fall bring? That's right, all together now - The Pumpkin Spice Latte... blek.

First of all, I don't get it. I've tried them, twice and gagged both times. To me it was like someone had taken pumpkin bread and put it into a blender with a sh*t ton of whipping cream, heated it, and poured it in a cup and then topped it off with even more whipping cream and served it up 'fresh'. I just don't get it. I have good friends and co-workers that live for this time of year solely because of that cup of gross and quite frankly most of those individuals make good solid choices throughout the rest of the year. This one however has me questioning all of you.

The calorie content in those little drinks kills me. Me, I'm a foodie, and I'd much rather blow that 400-500 calories on bacon and eggs. Or 3 bowls of raisin bran - for real. Did you know you can check out all the nutritional information of Starbucks drinks online? Of course you did. But you can Check it out here anyways. It's hours of entertainment to distract you from your work day. I'm happy to see that my usual Starbucks fairs don't creep past 200 and really even less than that since I habitually get sugar-free because like I said, bacon and eggs and raisin bran.

But you know, to each their own my friends. Enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Me, I won't say a thing. I will sit there silently and not judge. Ha.


Anonymous said...

and it smells like a pumpkin. like on your front porch after a day or 2.

Anonymous said...

This is your sister. I am one of those people who love the pumpkin spice latte - but not from BigBucks or any other coffee place which requires you to pay a certain percentage of your life savings to have the five hundred calories blah blah. HOWEVER, I will put pumpkin pie (Grammy's no less) seasoning in my coffee I make at home. Maybe it's more about Fall than anything else. I know that spring is supposed to be about things coming to life, but for me it's Fall - it's crisp and brown and orange and gold. It's homey and cozy and the beginning of the school year and it makes you closer to Christmas - which, up until recently, I found very depressing. Basically I began to love Pumpkin Spice when Genevieve came along. SHe loves it in her pancakes and I put it in the banana bread too! Go figure. I love you sister!
BTW this morning after I called Mom with a PMS breakdown, I locked the keys in the car at Genevieve's school WHILE IT WAS RUNNING. AGAIN. Nobody in my life is surprised by this. The director of the school gave me a wire hanger and within 5 minutes I was in the car again. I am so our father's daughter!

Queen Kandis said...

I love all things pumpkin, including pumpkin spice latte. I get mine iced- no whip. It's a once in a while treat, like a milkshake, or... bacon. Why you gotta be ruining my excitement about impending Fall with CALORIE COUNTS?

Schovillova said...

Dear Sister, stop hijacking my blog with your PMS stories! And I'm not surprised by the keys-in-the-car story either.

And sorry for raining on your fall parade Queen, but at least I support your bacon treats.