Sunday, September 19, 2010


We've lived 2000+ miles away from each other for 10 years and yet it seems that no matter the distance, we remain forever connected in a weird sister-psychic sort of way. For example, today she told me that she had just finished a Margaret Atwood book that she bought six years ago. It'd been collecting dust on her shelf until she came across it last Friday. Last Wednesday I went through by bookshelf looking for a good book to dust off and waddaya know, I came across a Margaret Atwood book that I'd bought 10 years ago that I was finally going to read.

We've been known to do things like this over the years, whether it's buying the same purple bath mat, the same shirt from an obscure store, or picking up the phone and knowing it's her (sans caller ID) before she even says anything.

If you are ever fortunate enough to go to a movie with us, be warned. Sitting between us is like having surround sound that is almost too close for comfort. We've been known to make the same comments at the same time while laughing obnoxiously in unison. Same pitch, same breaths, same everything.

I love it. I love her.


your mother again said...

this is beautiful.
you two are a PIA to play apples to apples with (don't end in a preposition, whatever)

Anonymous said...

this is your sister. I started crying before I even read it! Thanks, sister. It has been a rough ride lately and I needed to read that. Especially today. You know when I went off to space for that period of time, I was never untethered because of my connection to you and to mom, no matter how far I went and how long it took to get back. Je t'aime.

Schovillova said...

No Mom, Terry is the PIA when it comes to Apples to Apples. Damn engineers...