Saturday, October 2, 2010

And I Say Thank You For the Music

Lately I've been listening to my ipod on shuffle. I do this every so often and it never ceases to take me on a series of emotional roller coasters, bouncing me back and forth through time and space - and place. Decades of tunes on that one little device, wielding so much power.

Sometimes I think that if it weren't for music, I'd have few memories to call my own. James Taylor and Don Williams remind me that I used to dance and spin in my dad's office when I was no higher than his desk. AC/DC & Metallica take me to the dirt bike races with my uncles in the early 80's while Stevie Wonder's I Just Called to Say I Love You puts me in the back seat of my mom's silver Cutlass, lip-sync serenading with Alethea and Amy Rodamaker to the poor man stuck behind us in traffic. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy has me watching in awe as my grandparents Jitterbugged all over the room, soon followed by Moonlight Serenade. U2's The Joshua Tree was the first time that I really felt music in my stomach, Debbie Gibson was the first to make me cry over a boy (sad) and Melissa Etheridge was the first time a song let me let some anger out - see: Like the Way I Do. Little did I know she was singing about girls back in '88 but you get the picture.

When I hear these songs and these artists, it's like a mental photo album opens up and the pages start to turn. Only these vivid snap shots surpass the visionary and auditory senses as they tangle with smell, taste and touch. It's overwhelming sometimes. I wonder though, when I'm old and gray, if this will still be the case. Will my music combat the forces of age and dementia, and remind me of those that I have loved and lost? Will it let me remember the happy times, the sad times and the mad times? I have music for all of those. And while I still have my wits about me, I'd like to remember these folks that laid the foundation...

Mom - all things CCR, Tina Turner, Bonnie Raitt, Willie and George
Alethea - U2, Led Zepplin, Van Morrison, The Cure, Madonna, Radiohead... and so many more
Dad -Vivaldi, Jazz and John Lennon
Aunt Anne -The Police and Duran Duran
Grammie - Patsy Cline
Bubba - Abba
Camp Langston - Vanilla Ice, 2-Pac and Brooks & Dunn

I am forever grateful for the friends who followed, who opened my ears and heart to new sounds, and those that still do so today. From summer camp, to high school, college, jobs, family and countries, it's the music that stays in my head. It reverberates throughout my house and envelopes me in my car, reaching through my ear buds and straight to my toes. It keeps me forever connected, and forever remembering you.

Cau for now.


Queen Kandis said...

The Bangles makes me think of playing in the PX. Marc Cohn and Jackopierce make me think I'm in Ponderosa cabin hearing your music from nextdoor.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Ebert - Tom Petty

Schovillova said...

Kandis, every time I hear The Bangles I feel compelled to sit on a table or desk with no shoes on.