Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

The perfect start to my Dallas trip (other than flying first freaking class)

This day was my furiously happy that I clung to for the rest of my D-town Days. Bless you Jamaica and Gary. I'd have wound up in fetal position in the corner of some strange room without this day of fun. It actually made me miss Texas.
Other things that made me miss Texas...

Big Tex in his latest State Fair fashion.

It's totally true, everything's fried in Texas, even the caviar! And for the record, the edgiest I got as far as the fried fair fare, was the State Fair of Texas staple - The Fletcher's Corn Dog. It just doesn't get much better than that:
I was also privy to some rockin' outfits that can only be rocked in the 90 degree October Texas weather. I took pictures of course, but failed to get media releases so you will just have to use your imaginations. Highlights included sequined see-through tops with cheek-hugging jorts, black velvet long-sleeves with super short jorts, and one of the worst for me was knee-high Uggs with, you guessed it, jorts. God bless Texas.
After our whirl-wind trip through the land of all things fried (and a surprise visit from my awesome Smelley Kelley), next stop was Mecca. My Mecca anyways. As in this place:

Please note the 51,000+ fans in the background. Jamaica totally pulled through in scoring playoff tickets - Thank you Sarah and Kenny for the greatest night EVER!

True story #1: When I took my first step inside and heard the deafening roar of the crowd, felt the insane energy, and saw all the fans - finally, fans - I cried. Why am I a big fat cry baby? Because in the 15+ years I've gone to that ballpark (with a few trips to the old one tucked under my belt), I can't think of a time when it was more than half full. Except maybe when the Yankees or Sox were in town - and they were Sox and Yankees fans - but still, it was never ever full ya'll. And who cares if the majority of the fans didn't emerge until post season, the point is, they are here and they are fans. I hope they stay. I would be happy if even half stuck around.

True Story #2: I cried again when Nolan Ryan threw out the first pitch. Why was I a big fat cry baby again?? Because it's Nolan freaking Ryan. It'd all come full circle and he and the Rangers were finally where they belonged. Where they've been headed all season.

True Story #3: It was the greatest game of my life, even though they lost. An amaze-balls 7 1/2 innings before it all went to hell. Just being there, seeing it, taking it all in... Yep, greatest night ever.

True Story #4: Dear Mr. Jerry Jones, George Lucas called and he wants his Death Star back. The new Cowboy Stadium, located right next to the Ballpark (much to my surprise) totally looks like the Death Star. Especially at Sunset:

Just sayin.
Cau for now and GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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