Sunday, October 31, 2010


RIP mutha freaking mouse. Thank you Jesus that I was not home when that trap snapped and even more thanks that little bugger and his instrument of death were disposed of before I got home. Thank you Jesus and thank you Kev.

Nolan and Pudge, together again. Oh, and the Rangers won game 3. Chalk it up to another one of my greatest moments in baseball - Nolan Ryan throwing out the first pitch to Pudge in game 3. I had goose bumps, head to toe. It was just so punch-you-in-the-gut-good. Some say that it wasn't right to have a still active member in baseball catch the opening pitch for another team but COME ON YA'LL! Pudge plays for the freaking Nationals. Plus, it's Nolan. You haters can suck it.

Get into the spirit dammit. I'm sorry but if you come to my door with a grocery sack and your car that you drove is parked out front and you don't even bother to put on a mask, well guess what, you're not getting any freaking candy. Seriously folks. At least try to get into the spirit. Throw a sheet over your head or hell, at least say trick or treat.

News of the weird. I received a surprise book in the mail the other day, written by an uncle whom I've never met about my biological grandfather whom I've also never met. I stress the word biological. So far the book is one big mind fug so I'm taking it in very small doses. Maybe one day I'll tell you about it.
This just in. The Rangers just lost game 4 at home. Not only that but they got shut out. They've got one more at home before a, the World Series is over, or b, they head back to San Fran. Ouch.

Ugh. Someone get me something to be furiously happy about STAT.


your mother said...

sorry, you did meet your bio grandf but were too young to know.

to make you furiously happy? Your Seattle bro-in-law was Dora the Explorer for Halloween. Does that help?

Schovillova said...

Good to know Mom.
And I seriously need to see some Dora pics - that would help! Thanks!