Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's time to get furiously happy ya'll.

Long story short, my good friend/work spouse Pamb turned me onto this blog. With overt hilarity and in-your-face crassness, the Bloggess has had me laughing my ass off for 3 days straight because frankly my dear, she doesn't give a damn. She writes the way I talk when I'm intoxicated, only brilliant and with less slur. She says out loud what most of us think - not all of us. Yes, you know who you are and aren't. Anyhoo....

In a recent post she talks about being furiously happy In fact, she started a bit of a movement and I am here to keep the momentum going as we head into yet another Monday - Damn Mondays never stop coming. So, instead of being negative (who me?) or sulky or visibly affected by this event or any other, I will be FURIOUSLY HAPPY. She linked this video and it totally makes me furiously happy. In fact, whomever dares to rain on my parade this week or look at me sideways, be warned, for I will break into furiously happy mode and start grinning like an idiot. I might even drool and this music will play in my head while I break into a Molly Ringwald-like dance. And when the plane takes off and touches down on Thursday, it will be Lisztomania blasting in my ears.

Until then and after, it will be my personal mission to revive and seek out those things that will make me - and you - furiously happy in the most vengeful way. Like this video... I laughed so hard water flew out my nose. True story. I just didn't see it coming.

Happy Monday ya'll. Now let us raise our glasses to one
furiously freaking happy week.

Cau for now.


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