Monday, November 22, 2010

Return to Nuggets

I think I just needed a little distance from the book for a while, thus the lag in nuggets that I'd promised to delve to you slowly weeks ago. You know, the book that showed up on my doorstep, written by an uncle whom, it turns out, I did meet once but I was too young to remember, written about my biological grandfather whom I also apparently met at the same time as said uncle but again, too young to recall that momentous occasion. I still haven't read it all the way through, unlike Kevin who devoured it in a matter of days. His feedback? Huh. It was inneresting (because he really does say 'interesting' that way and I love him for it).
INNERESTING?! That's all you've got? That's all you have to say about the memoirs of a sociopathic cult leading narcissist who just happens to share my DNA?? He shrugged. At least the kid doesn't judge. Unlike me. I felt so exposed even though really, the person in the book is nothing to do with me. Nada. Nill. Zilch. That has become my mantra. And then my dad told me they're making a movie. Splendid.

Without further ado, Nugget #2
(page 66 paragraph 6 so when you put them together it makes '666'. Inneresting.)
It's not that I really had anything against Greek freaks, it's just that I wanted to be BMOC (Big Man on Campus). I succeeded, however briefly, in reaching my goal. And I did it with anti-fraternity/sorority ridiculing and denigrating to rouse the rabble, just as madman Hitler had done by making Jews the scapegoats for all of Germany's ills. It was as easy for me as it had been for Hitler.

Ya hear that? He fancies himself to be like Hitler. Hitler. Ya'll.

Cau for now.
Or should I say Auf wiedersehen.

PS - The whole collegiate Hitler stage was merely testing the waters for his eventual career in brain washing and the art of mass manipulation and no I'm not kidding so stay tuned for more nuggets.

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