Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Flux Capacitor Liveth

Serious props to the folks at Blogger for gifting us bloggers the ability to see who and how people are finding our blogs. The 'who' is limited to country (which totally fascinates me) and the 'how' gives you linking sites and search words. There are a bunch of other stats, all the way down to the year, month, week and day, but these 2 are the ones that I get most geeked about. Riveting, right?

For example, this month, folks who were looking for 'Mother Mary Statues', wound up on my site eight times. Hilarious. Boy I bet they were surprised when they saw these. Here's hoping that they find humor in headless Mary's. I also got a kick out of 'James Taylor raisin bran record' which I tried to google and somehow I didn't find me. And really? Why is someone googling that anyway? Totally weird. But now I wonder if when I publish this post, will it link me to me for real? Crazy. It'll be like time traveling without the machine. Or at least without the machine that we think of when we refer to time traveling like the one from Back to the Future because it'll still be a machine, only it's a computer machine. Crazy. I'm fluxing my capacitor now...

Awesome. I am now at the top of the list when googling James Taylor Raisin Bran Record folks. It's kind of like playing google god. But now I'm touched with the moral dilemma as to whether or not I just upset the balance of the universe of something. Like I just made the self fulfilling James Taylor Raisin Bran Record prophecy come true and it's going to start raining green from the sky - UGH! Sometimes I feel like whole blogging thing gives folks just a little too much power and I may have just abused mine for the very first time. It was scary and a rush all in one. And by the way I totally apologize for the randomness of all of this but I think I'm still reeling from my evening out Snuggie Crawling through Broadripple. I woke up this morning thinking that seeing Lady Gaga Snuggie, Sponge Bob Snuggie, and Santa Snuggie all grinding in a line to Salt n' Peppa's 'Push It' was a bad dream but it was in fact real ya'll.

Google search words that got you to me this month...
mother mary statues
furiously happy
"don't holocaust me"
"furiously happy"
even super heroes have a bad day
james taylor raisin bran record
looking for a free printable version of there's a mouse in my freaking house
nicole rangers blog schoville
seriously cute shoes
starbucks pumpkin spice latte
Countries that found me this month...
United States - 78
Canada - 18
Russia - 12
Netherlands - 10
Brazil - 10
United Kingdom - 8
Belarus - 8
Colombia - 4
Ukraine - 1
Portugal - 1


Queen Kandis said...

These kind of stats used to fascinate me too. (You know, back when I used to blog.) It always seemed like the most perverse searches were done by the people from the most repressed countries.

Schovillova said...

Last month I got 18 hits from Belarus in one day. I also got 18 hits on one of my Lost posts that same day. Interesting.

Schovillova said...

And I miss when you used to blog. Forget Twitter and come back Kand-Ice!