Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Angry Birds Will Make You Happy

We will make you very happy.
Have you heard of this tasty little phone app? (Future Self:  A 'phone app' is an application that you can add to your phone that will allow you to waste countless hours reading the news, celebrity gossip and playing awesome video games spanning the 80's and into the 21st century)  Kevin was the first one to tell me about it and it was brand new information but since then everyone I ask is like Um yeah, of course I've heard of it.  Who hasn't?  So now I'm feeling very current and better for it because honestly, this has happily passed the last 30 hours for me.  In my current sickly state, sniff, reading is not an option but apparently video games on hand held devices are.  It's a battery gobbler so keep the phone plugged in while you play boys and girls, but really, it's quite brilliant.

I mean the birds really are angry and all they want to do is off the little piggies who are hiding out in bunkers laced with TNT and wearing protective gear.  They're smarter than they look and there's a certain level of satisfaction that can be attained when you master the strengths and weaknesses of the different angry birds and then you can strategize accordingly.  30 hours later I've only made it to the 21st round of level 3 on the first of 5 tiers - I'm Poached Eggs  apparently.  Clearly it's time for more cold meds.

PS - I'm starting to think this game is also good for stress relief.  Suddenly I've become obsessed with blowing shit up and I hear myself saying things like take that muther fugger to the little piggies as I send an angry bird flying into the TNT pile.  Like I said, satisfaction.

**  Update - Angry Birds also has an 'Angry Birds Season'  app where there's snow and ice castles!  Very exciting.  Thanks Jake!

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