Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Blew My Nose and Passed Out

About a year and a half ago we went on a highly anticipated family vacation with my mom and Terry and all 4 'kids' and spouses and grandkids for the first time ever and we were very excited.  How awesome that I got to be with all 4 nieces and nephew for a whole week with the Washington Coastline as our backyard?  Needless to say it was absolute Heaven - for like the first 2 days.  Then all hell broke loose and we started dropping like flies.  Me, I work in a children's museum 385 days a year and am exposed to like a gazillion germs on a daily basis and I get nothing.  But 2 days with these guys and I come down with Sinusitis, Strep, and Bronchitis.
We will infest you.
Fast-forward 18 months and we journey to another family vacation - This time with the Schoville clan and it. was. awesome.  Bob & Nancy found a house just in time for Christmas - like they literally moved in on the 14th - and by the time we arrived the house was totally decked out in all things holidayee.  Once again, nephews and brand new little niece and nephew plus all the 'kids' and spouses together for 6 fun-filled and later snot-filled days.  This time my immune system faired a little better as it took me 5 days to come down with the crud.  I'd been doing pretty well since that last Washinton Niece-Nephew strain which apparently must have been the mother of all strains since really, that was the last time I was sick.  So once again, the niece and nephews are no match for me and my museum germs as it hit me full force the morning that we left. A little something to remember them by I guess.  Thank you.
We're cute but contagious.
 I admit, I totally let my guard down and I should have known better.  I wiped runny noses and wiped away drool with the back of my hand.  I hugged and kissed their chubby little slobbery cheeks and even wiped a bottom or 2.  Ok, just 1.  Kev got to do all the driving home while I tossed and turned in the front seat and now I have officially been either on the couch or in bed for the last 25 hours exactly.  Every time I look down I feel like my face is going to detach from my head and my teeth are throbbing and I imagine that the only relief at this point is to reach into my mouth and pull them out like dentures.  I think that would feel amazing.  Wanna hear more?  Every time I blow my nose the fluid in my ear canal squeals and a little bit ago I got light headed when I blew my nose and fell over onto my pillow.  How sad is that?
We're wearing iron for a reason.
Next time I will be better prepared and I might even look into an Iron Man ensemble for myself.  At first I was a little annoyed at these Christmas gifts for the 4 and 2 year old nephews.  They were noisy, complicated to put together and hurt like hell when they landed on your foot.  But as soon as Magnus started wearing his, his virus cleared right freaking up.  Inneresting.

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Anonymous said...

365 days in a year
& you were sick Christmas 2009 sorry
the mind is a terrible thing to lose, probably those kids germs destroying brain cells