Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Christmas Doncha Know

A very Christmas view.
From the white hills of Wisconsin it's Christmas at the Schoville's ya'll and it's a good place to be, you should try it sometime they will totally feed you.  The in-law's new small-town woodsy pad sports crazy tall snow-covered trees that can be viewed from floor-to-ceiling windows, tons of deer and wild turkey (the actual birds, not the whiskey although I'm pretty sure I could probably find that here too if I dug around enough), more cheese than any 20 people should consume in one year - maybe 5 - and 12 stockings hung from the chimney with care.  With 8 adults and 4 little people it's fun to be around those who still believe.  Santa induced behavior transformations are amazing and just might be my favorite thing about this holiday season, other than family of course.

Stockings hung with care.

Between my birthday and Christmas, I typically rake in a pretty good haul and this year Kev/Santa et all were especially kind.  Topping the list were these 2 things:

- A new Android Global phone (a note to my future self:  this a super-cool cell phone that is really hot this season) that is way smarted than me and I have yet to sync my contact list so I was able to recognize only about 5% of the b-day/Xmas greetings that were sent to me but I was still very good to respond to each one with enthusiastic thanks.  I'm slowly working towards reconciling the contacts.  What's crazy is that although I wasn't able to sync contacts from my old Blackberry (Future Self that was super-cool like 2, maybe 3 years ago), but I somehow managed to sync all my Facebook contacts so people who I haven't spoken to in TWENTY YEARS are now in my phone list.  Note to current self:  Delete those asap before nostalgic drunk dialing ensues.
 - An Amazon Kindle was an unexpected surprise considering I'd been on the shelf since they'd come out a couple of years ago.  Me, a book snob, I love to surround myself in books, lots of em.  Some I read once or get to eventually, others I will read one million times.  I like the sound and smell of the books, flipping the pages, even reading the covers, jackets, and ok, I've been known to check out a back page a time or 2.  A Kindle happens to negate all these things.  However, a Kindle majorly trumps all that by simply being light as paper and housing 14,000 books at one time.  Does anyone else get butterflies with that last part?  It even comes with some free-bee classics so thus far I'm carrying around Dracula, Pride & Prejudice, Pride & Prejudice and Zombies, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Frankenstein and The Onion.  What can I say it's growing on me and I will finally say:  Yes Kandis, you are right.  Kindle's are awesome and PS you still need to update your blog.

Cooler than he looks.
Other items to note:  A Boz Scaggs Greatest Hits CD from my mom.  Honestly I thought it was a mistake but then she was like No Nicole, you listened to him throughout your entire childhood and I was like No Mom, I'm pretty sure I didn't but I'll give it a try anyways so I did.  And she was right.  I had goosebumps from track 1 'Lowdown'.  If you had any kind of childhood/state of being in the 70's and 80's then you will appreciate this gift as well.  Otherewise it will be lost on you.

I also got a kick ass baseball book light which is as cool as it sounds, a wine rack (finally!) and house slippers that go all the way up my legs - trust me they're hot - and a host of other awesome stuff that is just too much to type.  I've also put on about 10 more pounds (not really but that's how I feel) and I can only imagine what Dr. Doom would have to say about it the bastard.  Ah well.

Hope Santa was as good to you as he was to me kids.  Looking forward to a couple more Schoville-filled days before heading back to Naptown.

Cau for now and goodnight ya'll.


Queen Kandis said...

Hope y'all are having a fantastic snowy holiday! You need to download Stacia's Kane's Downside series, starting with Unholy Ghosts.
So glad you have a Kindle! Supposedly they're going to roll out sharing abilities in 2011. So that people can share Kindle purchases among their friends for free for 14 days per item. Yay!

Schovillova said...

That's awesome Sal, have you read 'Pride & Prejudice & Zombies'- yes that's all one title and it's so awesome. We had a fantastic Schoville Christmas alto the niece and nephew germs got me in the end. Yuck!

Thanks for the awesome package by the way! Yours will get there :)