Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday Night Chats.

Yesterday we decided to go to a movie.  Someone was going to look up the when's and the where's.  We get in the car at 6:37 and head north.  At 6:45 this went down...

Kev:  Where are we going?
Nic:  To a movie.
Kev:  Which one?
Nic:  The King's Speech?
Kev:  Did you look it up?
Nic:  Um, not really.  Did you?
Kev:  Nah.  I think it's at Glendale.
Nic:  We passed that.  Are we going to Keystone (aka the Booze Theater)?
Kev:  I guess.  Do you know what time it starts there?
Nic:  7 maybe.
Kev:  Do you know where we're going?
Nic:  To a movie.
Kev:  Inneresting.

I can't wait til we're 80.  We ended up seeing The Fighter at 7:30 and we had a bucket of beer to go with it.  Both excellent choices.

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