Sunday, January 30, 2011

What do Cake, Jesus, and Gene Simmons have in common?

Last night my sis and I had a 64 minute 'sisters-in-need-of-cheering-up-chat' which of course did its magic on both sides when it was all said and done.  The highlight was when Kev came down for a refill and asked what all the 'ruckus' was about.  I hit 'speaker' while Al was in mid-sentence and let nature take it's course...

Al: ...and I was like, 'Jed, you have to get your own case because mine is now messed up like yours'.  And he was like, 'I do have my own', and I was like 'Well then stop using mine' because really mine used to be so clean and now it's not and...
Kev:  Hey Alethea!
Al:  Kev!  Hey!  Have you heard that Cake has a new album?
Kev:  Kiss?  No, is it good?  I don't really listen to them (although he totally listens to Cake).
Al:  You'll love it!  Oh my gosh it's so good, you should totally check it out!
Kev:  But I don't really follow Gene Simmons so I don't know if I'll listen to it.
Al:  Oh, I don't really follow Jesus either but that's ok, you'll still like it.

And this is why I love them both.


Anonymous said...

This is your sister. Jed just read it and still didn't understand it, although most of our conversations are like that in person, so I end up with a kiss on the head instead of him helping me put needle to thread! Or a kick in the butt instead of passing the nuts! Or him CALLING at noon instead of picking me UP at noon!

You get the idea. Actually, invert it, I am the one who is hard of hearing.


Anonymous said...

I'm lost on all fronts/your mother

Schovillova said...

Once I asked Kev to bring me down a book on Crocheting and he brought one about Croatia. You are both hard of hearing Al.