Sunday, March 6, 2011

G's World.

I talk to my sister almost every day and as a result I talk to my niece Genevieve almost every day.  Sometimes I talk to G and not Alethea because my 4-year old niece has chosen to call me from the next room.  Kids are scary smart these days.  Like many parents my sister often wonders aloud if she's effing up my niece with whatever the issue is that day. But I say, G is awesome.  She says what she thinks  and has a vivid imagination.  She talks incessantly with unrestrained enthusiasm because every things is an adventure to her.  Whether it's the bank, post office or grocery store, it's all very exciting.  She lives in a world where Justin Bieber does not exist and Sinatra and Joni Mitchell are her records of choice.  Anne of Green Gables and Roseanne are right up there with Disney movies and she is 'soooo sick of living in the freaking city' -yes, she totally said that. 

G playing Sleeping Beauty.
She loves her cat-eye glasses.  Loves. Them.
2 bucks at Walgreens.

I'm afraid that G may have gotten her
sweet dance moves from her Aunt Cole.
Her fashion sense?  Someone else's.
Yesterday G was teaching hula classes
to her imaginary friends while listening to
Joni Mitchell on her Fisher Price
record player.
Yep, this is definitely Genevieve's world. The rest of us are just in it.


Betsy said...

She sounds like a real sassafrass! My niece is too. I bet your sister is doing a fabulous job with her. I read this and couldn't believe her name. That is totally the name i will use if I have a girl!!!!! It's been on my list for a while now!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we're in G's world too.

Queen Kandis said...

That kid has fantastic style.