Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mr. Kelley you've redeemed yourself. Sorta.

 Adrianne Palicki

Well, well, well...  It would seem that Mr. Kelley took my words into consideration and did himself some spring cleaning.  In case you haven't heard, he decided to BRING BACK THE RED BOOTS. I wonder if there was a reward for them.  Not only that but I do believe that our Amazonian Princess will no longer go 'squish squish squish' in her latex pants whilst in pursuit of the bad guys and although a little bit country, at least the blue of the pants has been muted and our patriotic princess has also gotten her stars back.  Well done David E.  This I can live with.  For now.  I'll hold final judgement until we see that pilot.  No pressure, mk?

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Anonymous said...

you're hilarious. Didn't know you felt so strongly about the RED BOOTS. wish I had a picture of you in your WW underoos back in the day