Sunday, April 17, 2011

Instead I spent my twenty bucks on this...

After weighing all the excellent options proposed by my FB fam, I said fug it and went for the premium package instead.  Sorry ya'll.  Translate:  I can watch every single stinking game that my Rangers have to play this season from the comfort of my laptop/computer.  Except when I'm at work.  Because that would be wrong and unprofessional, right?  

But still, for $20 a month I can watch roughly 75% of the games and it will be glorious.  It's just that easy.  I'm that easy.  And ok, for that amount of moolah I could be supplying Terri Raith with Netflix every month, feeding a small village somewhere (dammit), getting partial massages, or stocking my liquor cabinet with brandy.  All tempting I admit.  But then I weigh the cost of me actually watching even one game in a bar and we're talking an easy $50 tab for the Kevster and myself.  That's all the math I needed.  I was sold, hook, line and sinker.  Seriously, should use that as a selling point - you're welcome

So my dear FB famila, shanksh for your comments.  They were duly noted and appreciated.  I swear.  Except you, Rob - paranoid much?  Go Rangers.

    • Terri M Raith uhhhh......Netflix???
      April 10 at 10:56pm · 

    • Nicole Schoville already got it.
      April 10 at 10:59pm · 

    • Terri M Raith well, then, you could just send it to me...
      April 10 at 10:59pm · 

    • April 10 at 11:06pm · 

    • April 10 at 11:07pm · 

    • Rob Seaver Oh, I've got a few vices that I can procure for $25 a month :-)
      April 10 at 11:31pm · 

    • Nicole Schoville Rob that helps me none. give.
      April 10 at 11:33pm · 

    • Rob Seaver Dude, your post was vague. I contributed what I could. I'm too dumb to infer what you actually meant.
      April 10 at 11:35pm · 

    • Nicole Schoville No inference necessary. I'm really wondering what a person can get for $25 a month. It's just that straight forward, I swear.
      April 10 at 11:37pm · 

    • Kathleen Lohmar McGinnis shoulder rub for 15 or 20 mins. at Whole Foods. 2 tickets to a movie but no food, 3 starbucks?, lots of cheap beer, lots of mac & cheese, eye brow wax (twice), pedicure for one foot, oil change, car wash, netflix (yea!), 1/2 of your yard mowed by a Professional. Is what you're thinking?
      April 10 at 11:49pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Britt King Subscription to Uncut or Mojo magazine perhaps? Comes with a compilation CD each month.
      April 10 at 11:50pm · 

    • Nicole Schoville This is why you're my mom.

      Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

      April 10 at 11:55pm via  · 

    • JoseandBeatrice Munoz-Cordova a new blu-ray dvd, a bouquet of flowers, a 15lb bag of dog food, a cheap pair of jeans, batteries, blank cds, some bath & body works products, a pizza & wings dinner for 1 night, eye brow wax, guy's haircut, entrance to the zoo and parking for 1 person, 23 hot wheel cars, a few books at 1/2 price........
      April 10 at 11:59pm · 

    • Nicole Schoville King B- I didn't mean you were my mom. I meant my mom was. Is. Good suggestion regardless. Diky moc!
      April 10 at 11:59pm · 

    • Chelsea Madrigal the happiness of knowing you just fed a small village somewhere desperate...that's a pretty good one. or there's always 2 dime bags filled with dimes of course :)
      April 11 at 12:01am · 

    • Sheila Grady Cooper A one hour full body massage at Foot Finesse, 1 1/2 yoga or pilates classes, 4 medium 2 topping pizzas from Dominos
      April 11 at 12:57am · 

    • Paige Dalton Mom was referring to Brandy.
      April 11 at 10:36am · 

    • Meredith Vachon A month's worth of Ramen.
      April 11 at 4:23pm · 


Queen Kandis said...

And she was never heard from again.

Anonymous said...

I miss your blogging!